Xenophon of Ephesus, The Story of Anthia and Habrocomes

LCL 69: 212-213

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Anthia and Habrocomes




Ἦν ἐν Ἐφέσῳ ἀνὴρ τῶν τὰ πρῶτα ἐκεῖ δυναμένων, Λυκομήδης ὄνομα. τούτῳ τῷ Λυκομήδει ἐκ γυναικὸς ἐπιχωρίας Θεμιστοῦς γίνεται παῖς Ἁβροκόμης2, μέγα δή τι χρῆμα [ὡραιότητι σώματος ὑπερβαλλούσῃ]3 κάλλους οὔτε ἐν Ἰωνίᾳ οὔτε ἐν ἄλλῃ γῇ πρότερον γενομένου.

2. οὗτος ὁ Ἁβροκόμης ἀεὶ μὲν καὶ καθ᾿ ἡμέραν εἰς κάλλος ηὔξετο, συνήνθει δὲ αὐτῷ τοῖς τοῦ σώματος καλοῖς καὶ τὰ τῆς ψυχῆς ἀγαθά· παιδείαν τε γὰρ πᾶσαν ἐμελέτα καὶ μουσικὴν ποικίλην ἤσκει, καὶ θήρα τε4 αὐτῷ καὶ ἱππασία καὶ ὁπλομαχία συνήθη γυμνάσματα.

3. ἦν δὲ περισπούδαστος ἅπασιν Ἐφεσίοις ἅμα καὶ τοῖς τὴν ἄλλην Ἀσίαν οἰκοῦσι, καὶ μεγάλας εἶχον ἐν αὐτῷ τὰς ἐλπίδας ὅτι πολίτης ἔσοιτο διαφέρων. προσεῖχον δὲ ὡς θεῷ τῷ μειρακίῳ, καί εἰσιν ἤδη τινὲς οἳ καὶ προσεκύνησαν ἰδόντες καὶ προσ-


Book I

The Story of Anthia and Habrocomes

Book I

In Ephesus there was a man named Lycomedes,1 one of 1 the most powerful people in the city. This Lycomedes and his wife Themisto,2 also a local, had a son Habrocomes,3 a paragon of handsomeness without precedent in Ionia or anywhere else.

2. This Habrocomes grew handsomer by the day, and his spiritual virtues blossomed along with his physical excellences, for he pursued every field of study and practiced a variety of arts, and hunting, riding, and training with heavy weapons were exercises familiar to him.

3. He was much sought after by all Ephesians and by the inhabitants of the rest of Asia as well, and they had high hopes that he would be a citizen of distinction. They treated the young man like a god, and there were some who at the sight of him even bowed down and offered

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