Ο λὸς οὔ με λιβρὸς ἱρῶν Λ ιβάδεσσιν οἷα κάλχης2 Υ ποφοινίῃσι τέγγει, Μ αύλιες δ᾿ ὕπερθε πέτρῃ Ναξίῃ3 θοούμεναι Π αμάτων φείδοντο Πανός, οὐ στροβίλῳ4 λιγνύϊ Ι ξὸς εὐώδης μελαίνει τρεχνέων με Νυσίων· Ε ς γὰρ βωμὸν ὅρη με μήτε γλούρου5 Π λίνθοις μήτ᾿ Ἀλύβης παγέντα6 βώλοις, Ο ὐδ᾿ ὃν Κυνθογενὴς ἔτευξε φύτλη 10Λ αβόντε μηκάδων κέρα, Λ ισσαῖσιν ἀμφὶ δειράσιν Ο σσαι νέμονται Κυνθίαις, Ι σόρροπος πέλοιτό μοι· Σ ὺν οὐρανοῦ γὰρ ἐκγόνοις Ε ἰνάς μ᾿ ἔτευξε γηγενής, Τ άων ἀείζῳον τέχνην Ε νευσε πάλμους ἀφθίτων. Σ ὺ δ᾿, ὦ πιὼν κρήνηθεν ἣν Ι νις κόλαψε Γοργόνος, 20Θ ύοις τ᾿ ἐπισπένδοις τ᾿ ἐμοὶ Υ μηττιάδων πολὺ λαροτέρην Σ πονδὴν ἄδην· ἴθι δὴ θαρσέων Ε ς ἐμὴν τεῦξιν, καθαρὸς γὰρ ἐγὼ Ι ὸν ἱέντων τεράων, οἷα κέκευθ᾿ ἐκεῖνος, Α μφὶ Νέαις Θρηϊκίαις ὃν σχεδόθεν Μυρίνης Σ οί, Τριπάτωρ, πορφυρέου φὼρ ἀνέθηκε κριοῦ.


The Second Altar

The murky flux of sacrifice bedews me not with ruddy trickles like the flux of a purple-fish, the whittles whetted upon Naxian stone spare over my head the possessions of Pan, and the fragrant ooze of Nysian boughs blackens me not with his twirling reek; for in me behold an altar knit neither of bricks aureate nor of nuggets Alybaean, nor yet that altar which the generation of two that was born upon Cynthus did build with the horns of such as bleat and browse over the smooth Cynthian ridges, be not that made my equal in the weighing, for I was builded with aid of certain offspring of Heaven by the Nine that were born of Earth, and the liege-lord of the deathless decreed their work should be eterne. And now, good drinker of the spring that was strucken of the scion of the Gorgon, I pray that thou mayst do sacrifice upon me and pour plentiful libation of far goodlier gust than the daughters of Hymettus; up and come boldly unto this wrought piece, for’tis pure from venom-venting prodigies such as were hid in that other, which the thief who stole a purple ram set up unto the daughter of three sires in Thracian Neae over against Myrīnè.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.vestinus-pattern_poem_vestinus.1912