Velleius Paterculus, Compendium of Roman History

LCL 152: 2-3

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Velleius Paterculus

C. Vellei Paterculi Historiae Romanae

AD M. Vinicium Cos. Libri Duo

Liber Prior

1I. Epeus1 tempestate distractus a duce suo Nestore Metapontum condidit. Teucer, non receptus a patre Telamone ob segnitiam non vindicatae fratris iniuriae, Cyprum adpulsus cognominem patriae suae Salamina constituit. Pyrrhus, Achillis filius, Epirum 2occupavit, Phidippus Ephyram in Thesprotia. At rex regum Agamemnon tempestate in Cretam insulam reiectus tres ibi urbes statuit, duas a patriae nomine, unam a victoriae memoria, Mycenas, Tegeam, Pergamum.


History of Rome, I.

The Roman History of C. Velleius Paterculus

Dedicated to M. Vinicius, Consul

Book I

I. Epeus,a separated by a storm from Nestor, his chief, founded Metapontum. Teucer, disowned by his father Telamon because of his laxity in not avenging the wrong done to his brother,b was driven to Cyprus and founded Salamis, named after the place of his birth. Pyrrhus, the son of Achilles, established himself in Epirus; Phidippusc in Ephyra in Thesprotia. Agamemnon, king of kings, cast by a tempest upon the island of Crete, founded there three cities, two of which, Mycenae and Tegea, were named after towns in his own country, and the other was called Pergamum in commemoration of his victory.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.velleius_paterculus-compendium_roman_history.1924