Tryphiodorus, The Taking of Ilios

LCL 219: 580-581

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Τέρμα πολυκμήτοιο μεταχρόνιον πολέμοιο καὶ λόχον Ἀργείης ἱππήλατον ἔργον Ἀθήνης, αὐτικα μοι σπεύδοντι πολὺν διὰ μῦθον ἀνεῖσα ἔννεπε, Καλλιόπεια, καὶ ἀρχαίην ἔριν ἀνδρῶν 5κεκριμένου πολέμοιο ταχείῃ λῦσον ἀοιδῇ.

ἤδη μὲν δεκάτοιο κυλινδομένου λυκάβαντος γηραλέη τετάνυστο φόνων ἀκόρητος Ἐνυὼ Τρωσί τε καὶ Δαναοῖσιν· ἐναιρομένων δ᾿ ἄρα φωτῶν δούρατα κεκμήκει, ξιφέων δ᾿ ἔθνῃσκον ἀπειλαί, 10σβέννυτο θωρήκων ἐνοπή, μινύθεσκε δ᾿ ἑλικτὴ ἁρμονίη ῥηχθεῖσα φερεσσακέων τελαμώνων, ἀσπίδες οὐκ ἀνέχοντο μένειν ἔτι δοῦπον ἀκόντων, λύετο καμπύλα τόξα, κατέρρεον ὠκέες ἰοί. ἵπποι δ᾿ οἱ μὲν ἄνευθεν ἀεργηλῆς ἐπὶ φάτηνς 15οἰκτρὰ κάτω μύοντες ὁμόζυγας ἔστενον ἵππους, οἱ δ᾿ αὐτοὺς ποθέοντες ὀλωλότας ἡνιοχῆας.

κεῖτο δὲ Πηλείδης μὲν ἔχων ἅμα νεκρὸν ἑταῖρον, Ἀντιλόχῳ δ᾿ ἐπὶ παιδὶ γέρων ὠδύρετο Νέστωρ, Αἴας δ᾿ αὐτοφόνῳ βριαρὸν δέμας ἕλκεϊ λύσας 20φάσγανον ἐχθρὸν ἔλουσε μεμηνότος αἵματος ὄμβρῳ.


The Taking of Ilios

The Taking of Ilios

Of the long delayed end of the laborious war and of the ambush, even the horsea fashioned of Argive Athena, straightway to me in my haste do thou tell, O Calliopeia, remitting copious speech; and the ancient strife of men, in that war now decided, do thou resolve with speedy song.

Already the tenth year was rolling on and old had grown the strain of war, insatiate of blood, for Trojans and Danaans. With slaying of men the spears were weary, the menace of the swords died, quenched was the din of breastplate, rent and perishing the coiled fabric of shield-carrying baldricks; the shield endured no more to abide the hurtling of javelins, unstrung was the bent bow, the swift arrows decayed. And the horses—some apart at the idle manger, with heads bowed piteously, bewailed their fellow horses, some mourned to miss their perished charioteers.

Low lay the son of Peleus and with him his comradeb dead: over his young son Antilochus old Nestor mourned: Aias with self-dealt wound had unstrung his mighty form, and bathed his foeman’s swordc in the rain of frenzied blood. The Trojans,

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.tryphiodorus-taking_ilios.1928