Theocritus, Epigrams

LCL 28: 416-417




1 AP 6.336

Τὰ ῥόδα τὰ δροσόεντα καὶ ἁ κατάπυκνος ἐκείνα ἕρπυλλος κεῖται ταῖς Ἑλικωνιάσιν· ταὶ δὲ μελάμφυλλοι δάφναι τίν, Πύθιε Παιάν, Δελφὶς ἐπεὶ πέτρα τοῦτό τοι ἀγλάισεν· 5βωμὸν δ’ αἱμάξει κεραὸς τράγος οὗτος ὁ μαλός τερμίνθου τρώγων ἔσχατον ἀκρεμόνα.

2 AP 6.177

Δάφνις ὁ λευκόχρως, ὁ καλᾷ σύριγγι μελίσδων βουκολικοὺς ὕμνους, ἄνθετο Πανὶ τάδε, τοὺς τρητοὺς δόνακας, τὸ λαγωβόλον, ὀξὺν ἄκοντα, νεβρίδα, τὰν πήραν ᾇ ποκ’ ἐμαλοφόρει.




11 Greek Anthology

The roses covered in dew and that thickly growing thyme are reserved for the Muses of Helicon, but the dark-leaved bays are for you, Pythian god of healing: this is the plant with which the cliffs of Delphi pay you honor.2 This white, horned billy goat that is nibbling the end of a branch of terebinth will shed his blood on your altar.

21 Greek Anthology

Fair-skinned Daphnis, performer of country songs on his fine pipe, has made these dedications to Pan: his pierced reeds,2 his throwing stick, a sharp spear, a fawn skin, and the knapsack in which he used to carry apples.3

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.theocritus-inscriptions.2015