Terence, The Woman of Andros

LCL 22: 48-49

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The Woman of Andros

  • simo senex
  • sosia libertus
  • davos servus
  • mysis ancilla
  • pamphilus adulescens
  • charinus adulescens
  • byrria servus
  • lesbia obstetrix
  • glycerium virgo
  • chremes senex
  • crito senex
  • dromo lorarius

Scaena: Athenis


The Woman of Andros

  • Simo, an old man, father of Pamphilus
  • Sosia, freedman of Simo
  • Davus, slave of Simo
  • Mysis, maid of Simo
  • Pamphilus, a young man, son of Simo, lover of Glycerium
  • Charinus, a young man, lover of Philumena
  • Byrria, slave of Charinus
  • Lesbia, a midwife
  • Glycerium, a young woman, supposed sister of Chrysis of Andros, in fact daughter of Chremes
  • Chremes, an old man, father of Philumena and (as it turns out) of Glycerium
  • Crito, an old man from Andros, cousin of Chrysis
  • Dromo, slave of Simo

The stage represents a street in Athens. On it are two houses, belonging respectively to Simo and Glycerium. The exit on the audience’s right leads to the forum and the house of Chremes, that on their left leads to the harbour and to the house of Charinus. 5

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.terence-woman_andros.2001