Strabo, Geography

LCL 182: 254-255

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τόν τε ἄλλον καὶ τὸν ἐκ τῆς Ἰταλίας φόρτον. εἰς γὰρ Ναύπορτον1 ἐξ Ἀκυληίας ὑπερθεῖσι2 τὴν Ὄκραν εἰσὶ στάδιοι τριακόσιοι πεντήκοντα, εἰς ἣν αἱ ἁρμάμαξαι κατάγονται, τῶν Ταυρίσκων οὖσαν κατοικίαν· ἔνιοι δὲ πεντακοσίους φασίν. ἡ δ᾿ Ὄκρα ταπεινότατον μέρος τῶν Ἄλπεών ἐστι τῶν διατεινουσῶν ἀπὸ τῆς Ῥαιτικῆς μέχρι Ἰαπόδων· ἐντεῦθεν δ᾿ ἐξαίρεται τὰ ὄρη πάλιν ἐν τοῖς Ἰάποσι καὶ καλεῖται Ἄλβια. ὁμοίως δὲ καὶ ἐκ Τεργέστε, κώμης Καρνικῆς, ὑπέρθεσίς ἐστι διὰ τῆς Ὄκρας εἰς ἕλος Λούγεον καλούμενον. πλησίον δὲ τοῦ Ναυπόρτου3 ποταμός ἐστι Κορκόρας, ὁ δεχόμενος τὰ φορτία· οὗτος μὲν οὖν εἰς τὸν Σάον4 ἐμβάλλει, ἐκεῖνος δ᾿ εἰς τὸν Δράβον· ὁ δὲ εἰς τὸν Νόαρον κατὰ τὴν Σεγεστικήν. ἐντεῦθεν δ᾿ ἤδη ὁ Νόαρος πλήθει προσλαβὼν τὸν διὰ τῶν Ἰαπόδων ῥέοντα ἐκ τοῦ Ἀλβίου ὄρους Κόλαπιν, συμβάλλει τῷ Δανουίῳ κατὰ τοὺς Σκορδίσκους. ὁ δὲ πλοῦς τὰ πολλὰ τοῖς ποταμοῖς ἐπὶ τὰς ἄρκτους ἐστίν· ὁδὸς δ᾿5 ἀπὸ Τεργέστε ἐπὶ τὸ Δανούιον σταδίων ὅσον χιλίων καὶ διακοσίων. ἐγγὺς δὲ τῆς Σεγεστικῆς ἐστι καὶ ἡ Σισκία φρούριον καὶ Σίρμιον, ἐν ὁδῷ κείμεναι τῇ εἰς Ἰταλίαν.


Geography Book VII

both from other countries and from Italy. For if one passes over Mount Ocra1 from Aquileia to Nauportus,2 a settlement of the Taurisci, whither the wagons are brought, the distance is three hundred and fifty stadia, though some say five hundred. Now the Ocra is the lowest part of that portion of the Alps which extends from the country of the Rhaeti to that of the Iapodes. Then the mountains rise again, in the country of the Iapodes, and are called “Albian.”3 In like manner, also, there is a pass which leads over Ocra from Tergeste,4 a Carnic village, to a marsh called Lugeum.5 Near Nauportus there is a river, the Corcoras,6 which receives the cargoes. Now this river empties into the Satis, and the Sails into the Dravus, and the Dravus into the Noarus7 near Segestica. Immediately below Nauportus the Noarus is further increased in volume by the Colapis,8 which flows from the Albian Mountain through the country of the Iapodes and meets the Danuvius near the country of the Scordisci. The voyage on these rivers is, for the most part, towards the north. The road from Tergeste to the Danuvius is about one thousand two hundred stadia. Near Segestica, and on the road to Italy, are situated both Siscia,9 a fort, and Sirmium.10

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.strabo-geography.1917