Stesichorus II, Testimonium

LCL 144: 210-211

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Stesichorus II

Testimonium Vitae Atque Artis

1 Marm. Par. Ep. 73 (p. 18 Jacoby)

ἀφ᾿ οὗ Στησίχορος ὁ Ἱμερῖος ὁ δεύτερος ἐνίκησεν Ἀθήνησιν, καὶ οἰκίσθη Μεγάλη πόλ[


Stesichorus II

Life and Work

1 Parian Marble

From the time when the second Stesichorus of Himera1 was victorious in Athens and Megalopolis was founded [2

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.stesichorus_ii-testimonium.1993