Statius, Thebaid

LCL 498: 126-127

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Obruit Hesperia Phoebum nox umida porta, imperiis properata Iovis, nec castra Pelasgum aut Tyrias miseratus opes, sed triste tot extra agmina et immeritas ferro decrescere gentes. 5panditur immenso deformis sanguine campus: illic arma et equos, ibant quibus ante superbi, funeraque orba rogis neglectaque membra relinquunt. tunc inhonora cohors laceris insignibus aegras secernunt acies, portaeque, ineuntibus arma 10angustae populis, latae cepere reversos. par utrimque dolor; sed dant solacia Thebis quattuor errantes Danaum sine praeside turmae: ceu mare per tumidum viduae moderantibus alni, quas deus et casus tempestatesque gubernant. 15inde animus Tyriis non iam sua castra, sed ultro hostilem servare fugam, ne forte Mycenas, contenti rediisse, petant: dat tessera signum excubiis, positaeque vices; dux Martis operti sorte Meges ultroque Lycus. iamque ordine iusso

  • 3miserantis Garrod
  • 18noctis opertae Pω (SB2 ) cf. 463

Book 10

Book 10

Dewy Night buried Phoebus at the western gate, hastened by Jove’s commands. Nor did he pity the Pelasgian camp or the Tyrian forces, but it saddened him that so many warriors from outside 1 should perish and innocent peoples be diminished by the sword. The plain stretches unsightly with a vast quantity of blood. There they leave the arms and the horses on which they had ridden so proudly and corpses destitute of pyres and neglected limbs. Then, an inglorious troop with battered standards, they separate their failing lines, and the gates that were too narrow for the peoples when they went to battle were broad to receive them returning. Grief was equal on both sides, but the four Danaan squadrons wandering with none to command them give consolation to Thebes; like vessels on a swelling sea widowed of their steersmen, which god and chance and tempest guide. Hence the Tyrians are emboldened no more to keep watch for their own camp but rather for their enemy’s flight, should they perhaps seek Mycenae, content to return. The watchword gives sentries their sign and turns of duty are settled. The leaders of the covert 2 warfare are Meges, chosen by lot, and Lycus by his request. And

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.statius-thebaid.2004