Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus

LCL 21: 412-413

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Τέκνον τυφλοῦ γέροντος Ἀντιγόνη, τίνας χώρους ἀφίγμεθ᾿ ἢ τίνων ἀνδρῶν πόλιν; τίς τὸν πλανήτην Οἰδίπουν καθ᾿ ἡμέραν τὴν νῦν σπανιστοῖς δέξεται δωρήμασιν, 5σμικρὸν μὲν ἐξαιτοῦντα, τοῦ σμικροῦ δ᾿ ἔτι μεῖον φέροντα, καὶ τόδ᾿ ἐξαρκοῦν ἐμοί; στέργειν γὰρ αἱ πάθαι με χὠ χρόνος ξυνὼν μακρὸς διδάσκει καὶ τὸ γενναῖον τρίτον. ἀλλ᾿, ὦ τέκνον, θάκησιν εἴ τινα βλέπεις 10ἢ πρὸς βεβήλοις ἢ πρὸς ἄλσεσιν θεῶν, στῆσόν με κἀξίδρυσον, ὡς πυθούμεθα ὅπου ποτ᾿ ἐσμέν· μανθάνειν γὰρ ἥκομεν ξένοι πρὸς ἀστῶν, ἃν δ᾿ ἀκούσωμεν τελεῖν.

  • 9θάκησιν Zacharias Callierges, coni. Seidler: θάκοισιν cett.
  • 10prius ἢ πρὸς] χώροις Hartung
  • 11πυθοίμεθα: -ώμεθα Brunck

Oedipus at Colonus

Oedipus at Colonus

The scene is a rural setting, near the sacred grove of the Eumenides at Colonus, northwest of Athens. Somewhere in the middle of the stage a rock, which can be used as a seat, is visible; the grove is bounded by a low ridge of rock, and one could sit upon its edge. On the stage can be seen the statue of the hero Colonus. Enter oedipus and antigone.


Child of a blind old man, Antigone, to what regions, or to what men’s city have we come? Who on this day shall receive Oedipus the wanderer with scanty gifts? I ask for little, and I get even less, but for me that is sufficient; for my sufferings, and the time that has long been my companion, and thirdly my nobility teach me to be content with it. But come, my child, if you see any seat, either near ground unconsecrated or near the precincts of the gods, stop me and let me sit there, so that we may find out where we are; for we have come as strangers, and must learn from the citizens and do as they tell us.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.sophocles-oedipus_colonus.1994