Sophocles, Fragment (Oeneus?)

LCL 483: 420-421

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ἀλλ᾿ ἐξεροῦμεν. ἀλλὰ πρῶτα βούλομ[αι γνῶναι τίνες πάρεστε καὶ γένους ὅ[του 5βλαστόντες· οὐ γ[ὰρ] νῦν γέ πω μαθ[ὼν ἔχω.


ἅπαντα πεύσῃ. νυμφίοι μὲν ἥ[κομε]ν, παῖδες δὲ νυμφῶν, Βακχίου δ᾿ ὑπηρέται, θεῶν δ᾿ ὅμαυλοι· πᾶσα δ᾿ ἥρμοσται τέχνη πρέπουσ᾿ ἐν ἡμῖν· ἔστι μὲν τὰ πρὸς μάχην 10δορός, πάλης ἀγῶνες, ἱππικῆς, δρόμου, πυγμῆς, ὀδόντων, ὄρχεων ἀποστροφαί, ἔνεισι δ᾿ ᾠδαὶ μουσικῆς, ἔνεστι δὲ μαντεῖα παντάγνωτα κοὐκ ἐψευσμένα, ἰαμάτων τ᾿ ἔλεγχος, ἔστιν οὐρανοῦ 15μέτρησις, ἔστ᾿ ὄρχησις, ἔστι τῶν κάτω λάλησις· ἆρ᾿ ἄκαρπος ἡ θεωρία; ὧν σοι λαβεῖν ἔξεστι τοῦθ᾿ ὁποῖον ἂν χρῄζῃς, ἐὰν τὴν παῖδα προστιθῇς ἐμοί.


ἀλλ᾿ οὐχὶ μεμπτὸν τὸ γένος. ἀλλὰ βούλομαι 20καὶ τόνδ᾿ ἀθρῆσαι πρῶτον ὅστις ἔρχεται

13 παντάγνωτα (rather than πάντ᾿ ἄγνωτα) Maas: πάντα γνωτὰ Hunt

Doubtful Fragment


Why, I will tell you! But first I wish to know who you are that come, and of what family. I have not yet learned this!

chorus οf satyrs

You shall learn all! We come as suitors, we are sons of nymphs and ministers of Bacchus and neighbours of the gods. Every proper trade is part of our equipment—fighting with the spear, contests of wrestling, riding, running, boxing, biting, twisting people’s balls; we have songs of music, we have oracles quite unknown and not forged, and tests for ways of healing; we can measure the skies, we can dance, our lower parts can speak.a Is our study fruitless? You can avail yourself of whatever thing you like, if you assign your daughter to me.


Why, I cannot fault your family. But first I wish to look also at this man who is coming.b

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.sophocles-doubtful_fragment_oeneus.1996