Sidonius, Letters

LCL 420: 286-287

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The Letters of Sidonius

Liber Septimvs

I Sidonivs Domino Papae Mamerto Salvtem

1. Rumor est Gothos in Romanum solum castra movisse: huic semper irruptioni nos miseri Arverni ianua sumus. namque odiis inimicorum hinc peculiaria fomenta subministramus, quia, quod necdum terminos suos ab Oceano in Rhodanum Ligeris alveo limitaverunt, solam sub ope Christi moram de nostra tantum obice patiuntur. circumiectarum vero spatia tractumque regionum iam pridem regni minacis importuna devoravit impressio. 2. sed animositati nostrae tam temerariae tamque periculosae non nos aut ambustam murorum faciem1 aut putrem sudium cratem aut propugnacula vigilum trita pectoribus confidimus opitulatura; solo tantum2 invectarum te auctore rogationum palpamur auxilio, quibus inchoandis instituendisque populus Arvernus,


Book VII

Book VII

I Sidonius To The Lord Bishop Mamertus,* Greeting

1. There is a rumour that the Goths have moved their camp into Roman soil;1 we luckless Arvernians are always the gateway to such incursions, for we kindle our enemies’ hatred in a special degree; the reason is, that their failure so far to make the channel of the Loire2 the boundary of their territories between the Atlantic and the Rhone is due, with Christ’s help, solely to the barrier which we interpose. As for the surrounding country, its whole length and breadth has long since been swallowed up by the insatiate aggression of that threatening power. 2. But we have little confidence that our reckless and dangerous courage will be supported by our hideously charred walls, our palisades of rotting stakes, our battlements worn by the breasts of many a sentinel; our only comfort is in the aid of the Rogations3 which we introduced on your advice. In the inception and establishment of these the Arvernian people, with a fervour equal to yours, though not with equal

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.sidonius-letters.1936