Sidonius, Letters

LCL 420: 246-247

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The Letters of Sidonius

Liber Sextvs

I Sidonivs Domino Papae Lvpo Salvtem

1. Benedicitur1 spiritus sanctus et pater dei omnipotentis, quod tu, pater patrum et episcopus episcoporum et alter saeculi tui Iacobus, de quadam specula caritatis nec de inferiore Hierusalem tota ecclesiae dei nostri membra superinspicis, dignus qui omnes consoleris infirmos quique merito ab omnibus consularis. et quid nunc ego dignum dignationi huic, putris et fetida reatu terra, respondeam? 2. colloquii salutaris tui et indigentiam patiens et timorem recordatione vitae plectibilis adducor, ut clamem tibi quod dixit domino tuus ille collega: exi a me, quia homo peccator sum, domine. sed si


Book VI

Book VI

I Sidonius To The Lord Bishop Lupus,* Greeting

1. Blessed is1 the Holy Spirit and the Father of omnipotent God, in that you, father of fathers and bishop of bishops,2 the James of your age,3 oversee from your watch-tower of love and your no whit inferior Jerusalem all the branches of the church of our God; a man right worthy to comfort the sick and to be consulted by all. And now what adequate reply am I to make to this condescension of yours, I who am but earth crumbling and fetid with guilt? 2. Feeling the need of salutary converse with you and yet awed by the prospect, I am constrained by the memory of my unworthy life to cry out to you in the words addressed to our Lord by that great colleague4 of yours: “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.”5 But if this awe I have of you is not modified

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.sidonius-letters.1936