Sextus Empiricus, Against the Logicians

LCL 291: 2-3

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Sextus Empiricus



1Ὁ μὲν καθόλου τῆς σκεπτικῆς δυνάμεως χαρακτὴρ μετὰ τῆς προσηκούσης ἐξεργασίας ὑποδέδεικται, τὰ μὲν προηγουμένως τὰ δὲ καὶ κατὰ διορισμὸν τῶν παρακειμένων φιλοσοφιῶν ἐκτυπωθείς· ἀπολείπεται δὲ ἑξῆς καὶ τὴν ἐπὶ τῶν κατὰ μέρος αὐτοῦ χρῆσιν διδάσκειν εἰς τὸ μήτε ἰδίᾳ περὶ τῶν πραγμάτων σκεπτομένους μήτε τοῖς δογματικοῖς 2ἀνταίροντας ῥᾳδίως προπίπτειν. ἀλλ᾿ ἐπεὶ ποικίλον τι χρῆμα φιλοσοφία, δεήσει πρὸς τὸ κατὰ τάξιν καὶ ὁδῷ ζητεῖν ἕκαστον ὀλίγα περὶ τῶν ταύτης μερῶν διαλαβεῖν.

Αὐτίκα γὰρ οἱ μὲν μονομερῆ δοκοῦσιν αὐτὴν ὑποτεθεῖσθαι οἱ δὲ διμερῆ τινὲς δὲ τριμερῆ, καὶ τῶν ἓν μέρος ὑποστησαμένων οἱ μὲν τὸ φυσικὸν οἱ δὲ τὸ ἠθικὸν ἄλλοι δὲ τὸ λογικὸν ὑπεστήσαντο, 3καὶ ὡσαύτως τῶν κατὰ δυάδα διαιρούντων οἱ μὲν εἰς τὸ φυσικὸν καὶ τὸ λογικὸν διεῖλον, οἱ δὲ εἰς τὸ φυσικὸν καὶ ἠθικόν, οἱ δὲ εἰς τὸ λογικὸν καὶ 4ἠθικόν· οἱ μὲν γὰρ εἰς τρία διαιροῦντες συμφώνως


Against the Logicians, I

Against the Logicians

Book I

The general character of Scepticism has now been1 set forth by the appropriate method of description, as an Outline of it has been given partly by means of direct exposition and partly by distinguishing it from the philosophies which stand next to it.a It remains for us, in the next place, to explain how we apply it to the particular divisions of philosophy, so that we may be less prone to rashness either in our own sceptical investigations of things or in our contradictions of the Dogmatists. Since, however,2 Philosophy is a complex affair, for the sake of an orderly and methodical inquiry into all its parts, we must first discuss briefly the question what its parts are.

Some, then, hold that it has but one part, others that it has two, and others that it has three parts; and of those who have supposed it to consist of one part, some have supposed this to be physics, others ethics, others logic; and so likewise of those who divide it3 into two, some have made the divisions physics and logic, others physics and ethics, others logic and ethics; while those who divide it into three parts are4

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.sextus_empiricus-against_logicians.1935