Seneca the Younger, Thyestes

LCL 78: 232-233

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tantali umbra

Quis inferorum sede ab infausta extrahit avido fugaces ore captantem cibos? quis male deorum Tantalo invisas domos ostendit iterum? peius inventum est siti 5arente in undis aliquid et peius fame hiante semper? Sisyphi numquid lapis gestandus umeris lubricus nostris venit, aut membra celeri differens cursu rota, aut poena Tityi, qui specu vasto patens 10vulneribus atras pascit effossis aves et nocte reparans quidquid amisit die plenum recenti pabulum monstro iacet? in quod malum transcribor? o quisquis nova supplicia functis durus umbrarum arbiter 15disponis, addi si quid ad poenas potest quod ipse custos carceris diri horreat, quod maestus Acheron paveat, ad cuius metum nos quoque tremamus, quaere! iam nostra subit e stirpe turba quae suum vincat genus 20ac me innocentem faciat et inausa audeat. regione quidquid impia cessat loci

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ghost of tantalus

From the accursed abode of the underworld, who drags forth the one that catches at vanishing food with his avid mouth? Who perversely shows Tantalus once more the hated homes of the gods? Has something worse been devised than thirst parched amid water, worse than hunger that gapes forever? Can it be that Sisyphus’ stone comes to be carried—so slippery—on my shoulders, or the wheel that racks limbs in its swift rotation?1 Or the suffering of Tityos, who with his cavernous vast opening feeds dark birds from his quarried wounds—who regrows by night what he lost by day, and lies as a full meal for the fresh monster? What evil am I being reassigned to? Whoever you are that allot new penalties to the dead, harsh judge of the shades: if anything can be added to my punishment that would make the very guardian of that dire prison2 shudder, make gloomy Acheron afraid, make even me tremble in fear of it, seek it out! Now from my stock there is rising a crew that will outdo its own family, make me innocent and dare the undared. Any space unused in the

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.seneca_younger-thyestes.2018