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Ι. Agreements

1. Marriage Contract

P. Eleph. 1, ll. 1–18. 311 b.c.

1Ἀλεξάνδρου τοῦ Ἀλεξάνδρου βασιλεύοντος ἔτει ἑβδόμωι, Πτολεμαίου σατραπεύοντος ἔτει τεσαρε-2 σκαιδεκάτωι, μηνὸς Δίου. συγγραφὴ συνοικισίας Ἡρακλείδου καὶ Δημητρίας. λαμβάνει Ἡρακλείδης 3Δημητρίαν Κώιαν γυναῖκα γνησίαν παρὰ τοῦ πατρὸς Λεπτίνου Κώιου καὶ τῆς μητρὸς Φιλωτίδος ἐλεύθερος 4ἐλευθέραν προσφερομένην εἱματισμὸν καὶ κόσμον (δραχμῶν) (χιλίων), παρεχέτω δὲ Ἡρακλείδης Δημητρίαι 5ὅσα προσήκει γυναικὶ ἐλευθέραι πάντα, εἶναι δὲ ἡμᾶς κατὰ ταὐτὸ ὅπου ἂν δοκῆι ἄριστον εἶναι βουλευομένοις κοινῆι 6βουλῆι Λεπτίνηι καὶ Ἡρακλείδηι. εἰάν δέ τι κακοτεχνοῦσα ἁλίσκηται ἐπὶ αἰσχύνηι τοῦ ἀνδρὸς Ἡρακλείδου Δημητρία, 7στερέσθω ὧμ προσηνέγκατο πάντων, ἐπιδειξάτω δὲ Ἡρακλείδης ὅ τι ἂν ἐγκαλῆι Δημητρίαι ἐναντίον ἀνδρῶν τριῶν, 8οὓς ἂν δοκιμάζωσιν ἀμφότεροι. μὴ ἐξέστω δὲ Ἡρακλείδηι γυναῖκα ἄλλην ἐπεισάγεσθαι ἐφ᾿ ὕβρει Δημητρίας μηδὲ 9τεκνοποιεῖσθαι ἐξ ἄλλης γυναικὸς μηδὲ κακοτεχνεῖν μηδὲν παρευρέσει μηδεμιᾶι Ἡρακλείδην εἰς Δημητρίαν· 10εἰὰν δέ τι ποῶν τούτων



I. Agreements

1. Marriage Contract

311 b.c.

In the 7th year of the reign of Alexander son of Alexander, the 14th year of the satrapship of Ptolemy,a in the month Dius. Marriage contract of Heraclides and Demetria. Heraclides takes as his lawful wife Demetria, Coan, both being freeborn, from her father Leptines, Coan, and her mother Philotis, bringing clothing and ornaments to the value of 1000 drachmae, and Heraclides shall supply to Demetria all that is proper for a freeborn wife, and we shall live together wherever it seems best to Leptines and Heraclides consulting in common. If Demetria is discovered doing any evil to the shame of her husband Heraclides, she shall be deprived of all that she brought, but Heraclides shall prove whatever he alleges against Demetria before three men whom they both accept. It shall not be lawful for Heraclides to bring home another wife in insult of Demetria nor to have children by another woman nor to do any evil against Demetria on any pretext. If Heraclides is discovered doing any of these things

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.select_papyri_private_affairs_agreements.1932