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410. From An Official In Halicarnassus

P. Cairo Zen. 59036.257 b.c.

1Ἀπολλόδοτος Χαρμίδει χαίρειν. ὑπογέγραφά σοι τῶν πρὸς Ξάνθιππον 2ἐπιστολῶν τὰ ἀντίγραφα. ἐντυχὼν [ο]ὖν αὐτῶι καὶ περὶ τῶν ᾿Βυξε (δραχμῶν) εἴδησον πῶς 3βούλεται οἰκ[ο]νομῆσαι καί, ἐὰν θέληι σοι διαγράψαι, λαβὼν παρ᾿ αὐτοῦ διάγραψον Μηδείωι 4ὃ ἐδεδώκει Στράτων ὁ ἐν Ἁλικαρνασσῶι γαζοφύλαξ ἀπὸ τῶν ἰατρικῶν Ἀντιπάτ[ρωι] 5τῶι π[αρὰ ] Ξανθίππ[ο]υ εἰς τὴν να[ῦ]ν ἣν τριηραρχεῖ Ξάνθιππος (δραχμὰς) ᾿Β, τὰς δὲ υξε (δυοβόλους) [(δίχαλκον)] 6διάπεμψον πρὸς ἡμᾶς δούς τινι ἀκίνδυνον, καὶ περὶ τῶν ᾿Γ (δραχμῶν) ἐπιμελήθητι ὅπως 7διαγράψηι Ἀπολλωνίωι καθότι ἐπεστάλκαμεν αὐτῶι. 8ἔρρωσο. (ἔτους) κη Ἀπελλαίου κζ.

9Ἀπολλόδοτος Ξανθίππωι χαίρειν. εἰ τῶι τε σώματι ἔρρωσαι καὶ τἄλλα σοι κατὰ γνώμη[ν] 10ἐστίν, εἴη ἂν ὡς ἡμεῖς θέλομεν· ἐρρώμεθα δὲ καὶ αὐτοί. ἐγράψαμέν σοι πρότερον διότι δεδώ-11καμεν διὰ Περιγένους εἰς τὴν ναῦν ἣν τριηραρχεῖς Ἀντιπάτρωι τῶι ἐπιπλέοντι 12ἐπὶ τῆς νέως (δραχμὰς) ᾿Β, ὅπως οὖν τοῦτό τε καὶ τὸ δοθὲν Ἑκατωνύμωι εἰς τὴν (ἐννήρη) 13 υξε (δυοβόλους) (δίχαλκον), ἐάν τε φαίνηταί σοι, διαγράψηις Μηδείωι εἰς τὰ ἰατρικά, ἐάν τε βούλη[ι], 14γράψηις Ἱκεσίωι



410. From an Official in Halicarnassus

257 b.c.

Apollodotusa to Charmides greeting. I have written below for you copies of my letters to Xanthippus. Interview him therefore, and with regard to the 2465 drachmae find out how he wishes to settle, and if he desires to pay the money to you, take it from him and pay to Medeius the sum of 2000 drachmae, which Straton the keeper of the chestb at Halicarnassus had given from the proceeds of the medical tax to Antipater the agent of Xanthippus for the ship of which Xanthippus is trierarch,c and send over to me the 465 drachmae 2 obols 2 chalci, giving them to someone to carry guaranteed against risk, and with regard to the 3000 drachmae see to it that he pays them to Apolloniusd as I have sent word to him. Goodbye. Year 28, Apellaeus 27.

Apollodotus to Xanthippus greeting. If you are well in body and other things are satisfactory, it would be as I desire. I myself am well. I wrote to you before that I have given, through Perigenes, for the ship of which you are trierarch 2000 dr. to Antipater who is sailing in charge of the ship, requesting you therefore either, if it so please you, to pay this sum, together with the 465 dr. 2 ob. 2 ch. given to Hecatonymus for the nine-oar,e to Medeius to the account of the medical tax or, if you choose, to write

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.select_papyri_official_documents_correspondence.1934