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I. Codes And Regulations

201. Legal Rights of Certain Classes in Alexandria

P. Hal. 1, II. 124–165. Middle of 3rd cent. b.c.

124[Κα]τὰ δ[ὲ τῶ]ν ἀπεσταλμ[έ]νων ὑπ[ὸ τοῦ βα]σιλέως δίκην μ[η-]125θεὶς [εἰσαγέτ]ω μήτε κ[α]τ᾿ αὐτ[ῶν μή]τε κατὰ τ[ῶν] 126ἐνγύ[ων, μη]δὲ ὁ πράκτωρ μη[δ]ὲ οἱ [ὑπ]ηρέται παρα-127λα[μβαν]έτωσαν τούτ[ο]υς.

Κατὰ <τα>ὐτὰ δὲ καὶ ἐάν τ[ινες]128δίκας γράψωνται τ[ο]ῖ[ς] ἐν τ[ῆι ἀ]ποσκευῆι ἢ 〚ἐν〛 το[ῖς] 129ἐγγύοις 〚. .〛 αὐτῶν περὶ ἐνκλη[μ]άτων γεγενημέ[νω]ν 130ἐν 〚ν〛 ο[ἷ]ς ἐπεδήμουν χρόνοις οἱ κ[α]ταλιπόντες α<ὐ>το[ύς], 131μὴ [ε]ἰσαγέσθωσαν, ἐὰμ μὴ ὦσ[ι]ν ὄντες τῆς ἀποσ[κε]υ-132ῆς τὸ δίκαιον ε[ἰ]ληφότες π[α]ρά τινων περὶ ἐνκλ[η-]133μάτων γεγενημένων ἐν τ[οῖ]ς αὐτοῖς χρόνοις· κατ[ὰ δ]ὲ 134τούτων εἰσαγέσθω.

Ἐὰν δέ [τ]ι[ν]ες φάσκωσιν εἶν[αι] 135τῆς [ἀ]ποσκευῆς, οἱ δικασταὶ π[ερ]ὶ τούτου δ[ι]αγνωσκέ[τω-]136σαν [κ]αὶ ἐὰν γνω[σθ]ῶσιν [ὄ]ντες τῆς ἀποσκευῆς καὶ τὲ ἐν-137κλή[μ]ατα φαίνηται γ[ε]γενημένα

  • 136l. τά.

Codes And Regulations

I. Codes and Regulations

201. Legal Rights of Certain Classes in Alexandria

Middle of 3rd cent. b.c.

No one shall bring into court a suit against persons who have been sent on service by the king, either against themselves or against their sureties, nor shall the collector of debts or his assistants arrest these.

Likewise if any persons bring suits against the dependantsa (of the absentees) or against their sureties concerning matters of complaint which took place when those who left them behind were still at home, these suits shall not be brought into court, unless it happens that though classed as dependants they have themselves obtained legal satisfaction from others concerning matters of complaint which took place at the said time; if the suit is against such persons, it shall be brought into court.

If any persons claim to belong to the class of dependants, the judges shall decide the point, and if they are recognized to belong to that class and if the matters of complaint are proved to have taken place

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.select_papyri_official_documents_codes_regulations.1934