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XIII. Accounts and Lists

397. Postal Register

P. Hib. 110, ll. 51–114.About 255 b.c.

- - - 51κυλιστοὶ ς, (τούτων) βασιλῖ γ κα[ὶ ἐπισ-] 52τολή{ν}, Θευγένι χρηματαγωγ[ῶι · ], 53Ἀπολλωνίω[ι δ]ιοι[κ]η[τῆ]ι [- - - 54ι]ς. [- - - 55Ἀλ]εξάνδρωι ς, τ[ο]ύτων [βασι]λεῖ 56Πτο[λ]εμαίωι κυ(λιστὸς) α, Ἀπολ[λ]ων[ί]ωι δ[ιοι-57κη]τῆι κυ(λιστὸς) α, ἐπιστολαὶ δύο πρὸς τῶι 58[κυλ]ιστῶι προσδέδεντ(αι), Ἀντιόχωι Κρητὶ κυ(λιστὸς) α, Μην[ο-] 59δ[ώρω]ι κυ(λιστὸς) α, Χελ[.]ω . [. .]αι ἐν ἄλλωι κυ(λιστὸς) α, 60Ἀ[λ]έξανδρος δὲ παρέδωκ[εν Ν]ικοδήμωι. 61ιζ. ὥρας ἑωθινῆς παρέδωκεν Φοῖνιξ 62κλείτου ὁ νεώτερος Μακεδὼν 63(ἑκατοντάρουρος) Ἀμίν <ον>ι κυ(λιστὸν) α καὶ τὸ ἄξιον Φανία[ι], Ἀμ[ί]ν[ω]ν 64δὲ παρέδωκεν Θευχρήστωι. 65ιη. ὥρας πρώτης παρέδωκεν Θεύχρ[η]σ-66τος ἄνοθεν Δινίαι κυ(λιστοὺς) γ, (τούτων) βασιλῖ 67Πτολεμαίωι κυ(λιστοὶ) β, Ἀπολλωνίωι 68διοικητῆι

  • 58προσδέδεντ(αι) revised reading (Schubart): προσδεδεγμ(έναι) Edd. The word is added above the line.
  • 59Or κ]αὶ Ἐνάλ{λ}ωι Schubart.
  • 66l. ἄνωθεν: so in ll. 106, 108.

Accounts and Lists

XIII. Accounts and Lists

397. Postal Registera

About 255 b.c.

. . . 6 rolls, of which 3 were for the king together with a letter, [.] for Theogenes the money-carrier, [.] for Apollonius the dioecetes . . . The 16th, . . . delivered to Alexander 6 rolls, of which 1 roll was for King Ptolemy, 1 roll with two letters attached to it for Apollonius the dioecetes, 1 roll for Antiochus the Cretan, 1 roll for Menodorus, 1 roll inside another for Chel . . ., and Alexander delivered them to Nicodemus. The 17th, morning hour, Phoenix the younger, son of Heraclitus, Macedonian, holding 100 arurae, delivered to Aminon 1 roll and the priceb for Phanias,c and Aminon delivered it to Theochrestus. The 18th, 1st hour, Theochrestus delivered to Dinias S rolls from the upper country, of which 2 rolls were for King Ptolemy and 1 for

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.select_papyri_official_documents_accounts_lists.1934