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XIII. Accounts and Lists

397. Postal Register

P. Hib. 110, ll. 51–114.About 255 b.c.

- - - 51κυλιστοὶ ς, (τούτων) βασιλῖ γ κα[ὶ ἐπισ-] 52τολή{ν}, Θευγένι χρηματαγωγ[ῶι · ], 53Ἀπολλωνίω[ι δ]ιοι[κ]η[τῆ]ι [- - - 54ι]ς. [- - - 55Ἀλ]εξάνδρωι ς, τ[ο]ύτων [βασι]λεῖ 56Πτο[λ]εμαίωι κυ(λιστὸς) α, Ἀπολ[λ]ων[ί]ωι δ[ιοι-57κη]τῆι κυ(λιστὸς) α, ἐπιστολαὶ δύο πρὸς τῶι 58[κυλ]ιστῶι προσδέδεντ(αι), Ἀντιόχωι Κρητὶ κυ(λιστὸς) α, Μην[ο-] 59δ[ώρω]ι κυ(λιστὸς) α, Χελ[.]ω . [. .]αι ἐν ἄλλωι κυ(λιστὸς) α, 60Ἀ[λ]έξανδρος δὲ παρέδωκ[εν Ν]ικοδήμωι. 61ιζ. ὥρας ἑωθινῆς παρέδωκεν Φοῖνιξ 62κλείτου ὁ νεώτερος Μακεδὼν 63(ἑκατοντάρουρος) Ἀμίν <ον>ι κυ(λιστὸν) α καὶ τὸ ἄξιον Φανία[ι], Ἀμ[ί]ν[ω]ν 64δὲ παρέδωκεν Θευχρήστωι. 65ιη. ὥρας πρώτης παρέδωκεν Θεύχρ[η]σ-66τος ἄνοθεν Δινίαι κυ(λιστοὺς) γ, (τούτων) βασιλῖ 67Πτολεμαίωι κυ(λιστοὶ) β, Ἀπολλωνίωι 68διοικητῆι

  • 58προσδέδεντ(αι) revised reading (Schubart): προσδεδεγμ(έναι) Edd. The word is added above the line.
  • 59Or κ]αὶ Ἐνάλ{λ}ωι Schubart.
  • 66l. ἄνωθεν: so in ll. 106, 108.

Accounts and Lists

XIII. Accounts and Lists

397. Postal Registera

About 255 b.c.

. . . 6 rolls, of which 3 were for the king together with a letter, [.] for Theogenes the money-carrier, [.] for Apollonius the dioecetes . . . The 16th, . . . delivered to Alexander 6 rolls, of which 1 roll was for King Ptolemy, 1 roll with two letters attached to it for Apollonius the dioecetes, 1 roll for Antiochus the Cretan, 1 roll for Menodorus, 1 roll inside another for Chel . . ., and Alexander delivered them to Nicodemus. The 17th, morning hour, Phoenix the younger, son of Heraclitus, Macedonian, holding 100 arurae, delivered to Aminon 1 roll and the priceb for Phanias,c and Aminon delivered it to Theochrestus. The 18th, 1st hour, Theochrestus delivered to Dinias S rolls from the upper country, of which 2 rolls were for King Ptolemy and 1 for

  • aA fragment from the day-book of an intermediate station in the government’s express postal service. The rolls and letters were here delivered by mounted postmen to one of the clerks, who transmitted them to the postmen of the next stage after carefully noting all details.
  • bThe meaning is obscure.
  • cPerhaps a secretary of the military settlers (see No. 412), but according to Preisigke the postmaster.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.select_papyri_official_documents_accounts_lists.1934