Quintus Smyrnaeus, Posthomerica

LCL 19: 404-405




Eurypylus and Neoptolemus lead out their forces, and each is successful in the battle. Eventually they meet, exchange proud words, and fight. Eurypylus is slain. Neoptolemus runs riot. Ares rallies the Trojans but is warned by Zeus not to fight Neoptolemus. Apollo encourages the Trojans, and fierce fighting ensues. Just as the Greeks seem about to break into the city, Ganymede begs Zeus not to let him see Troy’s destruction. Zeus hides the city in cloud, and Nestor warns the Greeks not to incur divine anger. They stop fighting, bury their dead, and honor the exploits of Neoptolemus. Both sides keep watch through the night.

The killing of Eurypylus was narrated in the Little Iliad and is mentioned in the Odyssey (11.519–21). The second half of the book is inspired by the interventions of Ares and Athena in Book 5 of the Iliad.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.quintus_smyrnaeus-posthomerica.2018