Prudentius, Scenes from History

LCL 398: 346-347

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Ttituli Historiarum1 (Dittochaeon)

I. de Adam et Eva

Eva columba fuit tunc candida; nigra deinde facta per anguinum malesuada fraude venenum tinxit et innocuum maculis sordentibus Adam; dat nudis ficulna draco mox tegmina victor.

II. de Abel et Cain

5 Fratrum sacra Deus nutu distante duorum aestimat accipiens viva et terrena refutans. rusticus invidia pastorem sternit: in Abel forma animae exprimitur, caro nostra in munere Cain.

Scenes from history

Lines to be Inscribed Under Scenes From Historya (Twofold Nourishment)

I. Adam and Eve

Eve was then white as a dove, but afterwards she was blackened by the venom of the serpent through his deceitful tempting, and with foul blots she stained the innocent Adam. Then the victorious serpent gives them coverings of fig-leaves for their nakedness.b

II. Abel and Cain

God’s pleasure appraises differently the offerings of two brothers, accepting the living and rejecting the products of the earth. The farmer from jealousy strikes down the shepherd. In Abel is shown forth the figure of the soul, our flesh in the offering of Cain.c

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.prudentius-scenes_history.1953