Precatio Omnium Herbarum

Nunc vos potentes omnes herbas deprecor. exoro maiestatem vestram, quas parens tellus generavit et cunctis dono dedit: medicinam sanitatis in vos contulit 5maiestatemque, ut omni generi <identidem> humano sitis auxilium utilissimum. hoc supplex exposco <et> precor: ve<locius> <huc> huc adeste cum vestris virtutibus, quia, quae creavit, ipsa permisit mihi, 10ut colligam vos; favit hic etiam, cui medicina tradita est. quantumque vestra <nunc> virtus potest, praestate medicinam bonam causa salutis. gratiam, precor, mihi praestetis per virtutem vestram, ut omnibus 15in rebus, quicquid ex vobis <ego> fecero,


A Prayer to All Herbs

With all you potent herbs do I now intercede; and to your majesty make my appeal: ye were engendered by Mother Earth, and given for a gift to all. On you she has conferred the healing which makes whole, on you high excellence, so that to all mankind you may be time and again an aid most serviceable. This in suppliant wise I implore and entreat: hither, hither swiftly come with all your potency, forasmuch as the very one who gave you birth has granted me leave to gather you: he also to whom the healing art is entrusted has shown his favour.b As far as your potency now extends, vouchsafe sound healing for health’s sake. Bestow on me, I pray, favour by your potency, that in all things, whatsoever I do according to your will, or for what-soever

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.precatio_omnium_herbarum.1934