Plotinus, Enneads

LCL 443: 22-23

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Plotinus: Ennead IV. 2.

μέρει σῴζει τὴν φύσιν τοῦ ὅλου. οὐδὲ γὰρ ἐνταῦθα μόνον μεριστή, ἀλλὰ καὶ ἀμέριστος· τὸ γὰρ 20μεριζόμενον αὐτῆς ἀμερίστως μερίζεται. εἰς ὅλον γὰρ τὸ σῶμα δοῦσα αὑτὴν καὶ μὴ μερισθεῖσα τῷ ὅλη εἰς ὅλον τῷ ἐν παντὶ εἶναι μεμέρισται.


On The Essence Of The Soul II

For even here it is not only divisible, but also indivisible; for that of it which is divided is indivisibly divided. For it gives itself to the whole body and is not divided in that it gives itself whole to the whole and is divided in that it is present in every part.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.plotinus-enneas.1969