Pliny the Elder, Natural History

LCL 392: 88-89

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Pliny: Natural History

151item sedis vitiis. intertrigines quoque, vel si teneatur tantum, prohibet. auribus instillatur cum mulso. aiunt et lieni mederi eam in horto gustatam ita ne vellatur, si is qui mordeat dicat se lieni mederi, per dies viiii, aridae quoque farinam tribus digitis adprehensam et stomachi dolorem sedare in aqua et similiter aspersa potione1 ventris animalia expellere.


LIV. Magna societas cum hac ad recreandos defectos animo puleio cum surculis suis in ampullas vitreas aceti utrisque deiectis. qua de causa dignior e puleio corona Varroni quam e rosa cubiculis nostris pronuntiata est, nam et capitis dolores inposita dicitur levare, quin et olfactu capita tueri contra frigorum aestusque iniuriam et ab siti traditur, neque aestuare eos qui duos e puleio surculos inpositos auribus in sole habeant. inlinitur etiam in doloribus 153cum polenta et aceto. femina efficacior. est autem haec flore purpureo. mas candidum habet. nausias2 cum sale et polenta in frigida aqua pota inhibet, sic et pectoris3 dolorem, stomachi autem ex aqua. item rosiones sistit et vomitiones cum aceto et polenta, alvum solvit ex sale et aceto et polenta. intestinorum vitia melle decocta et nitro sanat, urinam pellit ex vino et, si Amineum sit, et calculos 154et interiores omnes dolores. ex melle et aceto sedat menstrua et secundas, vulvas conversas corrigit,


Book XX

head, and to rectal troubles. It prevents too chafing, even if only held in the hand. Added to honey wine it is poured into the ears. It is even said to cure splenic trouble if it be tasted in the garden, without plucking it, if he who bites it says on nine consecutive days that he is curing his spleen; also that a three-finger pinch of the dried powder taken in water relieves stomach ache, and that the same with a sprinkling of drinka expels intestinal worms.

LIV. Pennyroyal and mint are strong allies inPennyroyal. reviving people who have fainted, both being put, in whole sprays, into glass bottles full of vinegar. For this reason Varro declared that a garland of pennyroyal was more suited to our bedrooms than one of roses, for an application is said to relieve headache; moreover, its very smell protects the head, so it is reported, against injury from cold or heat, and from thirst, nor do they suffer from the heat who carry when they are in the sun two sprays of pennyroyal behind their ears. It is also applied with pearl barley and vinegar for pains. The female plant is the more efficacious. This has a mauveb flower, but the male a white one. Taken in cold water with salt and pearl barley it checks nausea; in this form pains in the chest also, and in water by itself pains in the stomach. Likewise it checks gnawings and vomiting if taken with vinegar and pearl barley; in salt, vinegar and pearl barley it loosens the bowels. Boiled with honey and soda it cures complaints of the intestines; in wine it is diuretic, and if the wine be Amineanc it disperses both stone and all internal pains. In honey and vinegar it relieves menstruation and the after-birth, replaces

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.pliny_elder-natural_history.1938