Pliny the Elder, Natural History

LCL 392: 498-499

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Pliny: Natural History

thymos nitro, farina additis tollunt. spodi vicem exhibet fruticum a radice exeuntium cinis. bis lotus1 adiecto psimithio digeritur in pastillos ad ulcera oculorum et scabritiam.


LXIV. Caprificus etiamnum multo efficacior fico; surculo quoque eius lacte coagulatur in caseum.2 lactis minus habet;3 exceptum id coactumque in duritiam suavitatem carnibus adfert fricatu. dilutum4 ex aceto miscetur exulceratoriis medicamentis, alvum solvit, vulvam cum amylo aperit, menses ciet cum luteo ovi. podagricis cum farina Graeci feni inlinitur. lepras, psoras, lichenas, lentigines expurgat, item venenatorum ictus et canis morsus. 127dentium quoque dolori hic sucus adpositus in lana prodest aut in cava eorum additus. cauliculi et folia admixto ervo contra marinorum venena prosunt. adicitur et vinum. bubulas carnes additi caules magno ligni conpendio percoquunt. grossi inlitae strumas et omnem collectionem emolliunt et discutiunt, aliquatenus et folia. quae mollissima sunt ex his cum aceto ulcera manantia, epinyctidas, 128furfures sanant. cum melle foliis ceria sanantur et



meal added remove warts and warty excrescences.a The ash of the bushy shoots from the root is a substitute for zinc oxide.b After two washings, with white lead added it is worked into lozenges for the treatment of ulcers and scabs on the eyes.

LXIV. The wild fig is even much more efficaciousWild figs. than the fig; a sprig of it also curdles milk into cheese.c It has less milk in it than the cultivated fig. This milk is collected and hardened by pressure, when it is rubbed on meat to keep it sweet. Diluted with vinegar it forms an ingredient of blistering preparations. It relaxes the bowels; with starch it opens the uterus; with the yolk of egg it promotes menstruation. With fenugreek meal it is applied to gouty limbs. It clears up leprous sores, itch, lichen and freckles, and similarly cures wounds made by venomous creatures and dog bites. Applied on wool this juice is also good for toothache, or hollow teeth may be plugged. The tender stalks and leaves mixed with vetches are a remedy for the poison of marine animals; wine also is added. Beef can be boiled soft with a great saving of fuel if the stalks be added to the water. An application of the unripe figs soften and disperse scrofulous sores and every kind of gathering; to a certain degree the leaves too do the same. The softest leaves with vinegar heal running sores, epinyctisd and scurfy eruptions. With honey the leaves cure honey-comb sorese and

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.pliny_elder-natural_history.1938