Plautus, Pseudolus

LCL 260: 242-243

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exporgi meliust lumbos atque exsurgier: Plautina longa fabula in scaenam uenit.

Actvs I

i. i: psevdolvs. calidorvs


si ex te tacente fieri possem certior, ere, quae miseriae te tam misere macerant, 5duorum labori ego hominum parsissem lubens, mei te rogandi et tis respondendi mihi; nunc quoniam id fieri non potest, necessitas me subigit ut te rogitem. responde mihi: quid est quod tu exanimatus iam hos multos dies 10gestas tabellas tecum, eas lacrumis lauis nec tui participem consili quemquam facis? eloquere, ut quod ego nescio id tecum sciam.


misere miser sum, Pseudole.


id te Iuppiter prohibessit!


nihil hoc Iouis ad iudicium attinet: 15sub Veneris regno uapulo, non sub Iouis.

  • 6 et tui tis Gellius, et tui Nonius, etui A, et te P


Prologue Enter the speaker of the prologue from the right.

It’s better to stretch your loins and get to your feet: a long play by Plautus is about to come onstage.

Exit the speaker of the prologue to the right. Act One Enter pseudolus and calidorus from Simo’s house, the latter carrying writing tablets and crying silently.

Master, if while you’re silent I could get the information out of you as to what misery is vexing you so miserably,5 I’d have been happy to spare two people from trouble, me from asking you and you from answering me. Now since this cannot happen, necessity forces me to ask you. Answer me: why is it that you’ve been carrying tablets around with you for several days already, half dead, and10 that you wash them with your tears and don’t take anyone into your confidence? Tell me so that I may know together with you what at present I don’t know.


I’m feeling really miserable, Pseudolus.


Jupiter forbid!


This has nothing to do with Jupiter’s jurisdiction; I’m15 getting a thrashing under the rule of Venus, not that of Jupiter.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.plautus-pseudolus.2012