Plautus, Pseudolus

LCL 260: 240-241

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Personae PSEVDOLVS seruos CALIDORVS adulescens BALLIO leno SIMO senex CALLIPHO senex HARPAX cacula CHARINVS adulescens SERVI MERETRICES PVER COQVOS SIMIA sycophanta





PSEUDOLUS a slave; belongs to Simo and his son Calidorus

CALIDORUS a young man; in love with Phoenicium, a girl owned by Ballio

BALLIO a pimp; greedy and heartless

SIMO an old man; concerned about his son Calidorus and suspicious of Pseudolus

CALLIPHO an old man; Simo’s neighbor and friend

HARPAX a soldier’s servant; comes to take Phoenicium to his master

CHARINUS a young man; friend of Calidorus

SLAVES belong to Ballio

PROSTITUTES also belong to Ballio

SLAVE BOY servant of Ballio

COOK hired by Ballio

SIMIA an impostor; helps Pseudolus


The stage represents a street in Athens. On the street there are three houses; the one on our left belongs to Callipho, the one in the middle to Simo, and the one on the right to Ballio. To our left the street leads to the harbor and to our right to the city center.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.plautus-pseudolus.2012