Plautus, The Little Carthaginian

LCL 260: 16-17

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Puer septuennis surripitur Carthagine. Osor mulierum emptum adoptat hunc senex Et facit heredem. eius cognatae duae Nutrixque earum raptae. mercatur Lycus, 5Vexatque amantem. at ille cum auro uilicum Lenoni optrudit, ita eum furto alligat. Venit Hanno Poenus, gnatum hunc fratris repperit Suasque agnoscit quas perdiderat filias.


The Little Carthaginian

Plot Summary

A seven-year-old boy is kidnapped from Carthage. Having bought him, an old misogynist adopts him and makes him his heir. Two female relatives of the young man and their nurse are kidnapped. Lycus buys them and torments the young man,5 who loves one. But that young man palms off his overseer with gold on the pimp and in this way implicates him in theft. The Carthaginian Hanno comes, finds the young man to be his nephew, and recognizes his daughters, whom he had lost.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.plautus-little_carthaginian.2012