Plautus, The Ghost

LCL 163: 316-317

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  • Grvmio seruos
  • Tranio seruos
  • Philolaches adulescens
  • Philemativm meretrix
  • Scapha ancilla
  • Callidamates adulescens
  • Delphivm meretrix
  • Theopropides senex
  • Misargyrides danista
  • Simo senex
  • Phaniscvs seruos
  • Pinacivm seruos
  • Sphaerio seruos
Scaena Athenis


  • Grumio a slave; a farmhand of Theopropides
  • Tranio a slave; also belongs to Theopropides, but lives in the city
  • Philolaches a young man; son of Theopropides
  • Philematium a prostitute; bought and freed by Philolaches
  • Scapha a female servant; Philematium’s attendant
  • Callidamates a young man; close friend of Philolaches
  • Delphium a prostitute; girlfriend of Callidamates
  • Theopropides an old man; has just returned from Abroad
  • Misargyrides a moneylender; has lent money to Philolaches
  • Simo an old man; neighbor of Theopropides
  • Phaniscus a slave boy; favorite of his master Callidamates
  • Pinacium a slave boy; colleague of Phaniscus
  • Sphaerio a slave; works in the household of Theopropides

The stage represents a street in Athens. On it are the houses of Theopropides, to the left, and of Simo, to the right; they are separated by a small alley. In front of the house of Theopropides there is an altar. On the right the street leads into the city center. On the left it leads to the harbor as well as the countryside.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.plautus-ghost.2011