Argvmentvm Emit fidicinam, filiam credens, senex Persuasu serui, atque conducticiam Iterum pro amica ei subiecit filii. Dat erili argentum. eo sororem destinat 5Imprudens iuuenis. compressae ac militis Cognoscit opera sibi senex os sublitum— Vt ille amicam, haec quaerebat filiam— Sed inuenta gnata seruolum emittit manu. Personae
  • epidicvs seruos
  • Thesprio seruos
  • Stratippocles adulescens
  • Chaeribvlvs adulescens
  • Apoecides senex
  • Periphanes senex
  • Servos
  • Miles



Plot Summary

Persuaded by his slave, an old man bought a lyre girl in the belief that she is his daughter, and again the slave tricked him by palming off a hired woman as his son’s girlfriend. The slave gives the money to his master’s son. With it the young man buys his sister without knowing it. With the help of a woman he had5 raped and of a soldier, the old man realizes that he has been tricked—just as the soldier was looking for his girlfriend, the woman was looking for her daughter—but when his daughter is discovered, he frees his slave.

  • Epidicus a slave; the clever main character of the play
  • Thesprio a slave; accompanied his young master to war
  • Stratippocles a young man; master of Epidicus and Thesprio
  • Chaeribulus a young man; close friend of Stratippocles
  • Apoecides an old man; close friend of Periphanes
  • Periphanes an old man; father of Stratippocles and a former soldier
  • A Slave works for Periphanes
  • A Soldier rich and pompous
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.plautus-epidicus.2011