Pindar, Pythian Odes

LCL 56: 338-339

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Α΄ Φιλόφρον Ἡσυχία, Δίκας ὦ μεγιστόπολι θύγατερ, βουλᾶν τε καὶ πολέμων ἔχοισα κλαῗδας ὑπερτάτας 5Πυθιόνικον τιμὰν Ἀριστομένει δέκευ. τὺ γὰρ τὸ μαλθακὸν ἔρξαι τε καὶ παθεῖν ὁμῶς ἐπίστασαι καιρῷ σὺν ἀτρεκεῖ·

τὺ δ᾿ ὁπόταν τις ἀμείλιχον καρδίᾳ κότον ἐνελάσῃ, 10τραχεῖα δυσμενέων ὑπαντιάξαισα κράτει τιθεῖς ὕβριν ἐν ἄντλῳ, τὰν οὐδὲ Πορφυρίων μάθεν παρ᾿ αἶσαν ἐξερεθίζων. κέρδος δὲ φίλτατον, ἑκόντος εἴ τις ἐκ δόμων φέροι.

  • 6ἄρξαι V

Pythian 8

8. For Aristomenes Of Aegina winner, wrestling, 446 b.c.

Kindly Peace, 1 O maker of greatest citiesStr. 1 and daughter of Justice, you who hold the supreme keys of counsels and wars, 5accept this honor for a Pythian victory from Aristomenes. For you know how to bestow gentleness and likewise to receive it with unerring appropriateness;

but, whenever someone fixes implacableAnt. 1 hatred in his heart, 10you roughly oppose the might of enemies and put their insolence in the bilge. Porphyrion 2 did not know your power when he unduly provoked you. Gain is most precious if one takes it from the home of a willing giver.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.pindar-pythian_odes.1997