ἢ καρποῦ φθίσιν, ἢ νιφετοῦ σθένος 15ὑπέρφατον, ἢ στάσιν οὐλομέναν ἢ πόντου κενεώσιας ἂμ πέδον, ἢ παγετὸν χθονός, ἢ νότιον θέρος ὕδατι ζακότῳ ῥέον, ἢ γαῖαν κατακλύσαισα θήσεις 20ἀνδρῶν νέον ἐξ ἀρχᾶς γένος; ὀλοφύ<ρομαι οὐ>δέν, ὅ τι πάντων μέτα πείσομαι (desunt vv. 22–32) Β΄. . . . . . ἐκράνθην ὑπὸ δαιμονίῳ τινί 35λέχει πέλας ἀμβροσίῳ Μελίας ἀγαυὸν καλάμῳ συνάγεν θρόον μήδεσί τε φρενὸς ὑμ[ε]τ⏑έραν χάριν. λιτανεύω, Ἑκαβόλε, Μοισαίαις ἀν[α]τιθεὶς τέχνα[ι]σ̣ι̣ 40χρηστήριον . [.]π̣ω̣λον̣τ̣[. . (.)]ι ἐν ᾧ Τήνερον εὐρυβίαν θεμίτ̣[ων ⏑– ἐξαίρετον προφάταν ἔτεκ[εν λέχει κόρα μιγεῖσ᾿ Ὠκεανοῦ Μελία σέο, Πύθτ̣[ε.

  • 16κενεώσιας Schroeder: κενέωσιν codd. | ἂμ Hermann: ἀλλὰ codd.
  • 18ῥέον Schroeder: ἱερόν codd.
  • 19θήσεις Barnes: θήσει pap.
  • 42suppl. Grenfell-Hunt


or the failure of crops, or a mighty snowstorm 15beyond telling, or murderous civil war, or the sea emptying over the plain, or freezing of the earth, or a wet summer flowing with raging rain, or will you flood the land and make 20a new race of men from the beginning?

I bewail nothing that I shall suffer along withEp. 1 everyone (lines 22–32 are missing)

. . . . . .Str. 2 I have been ordained by some divine . . . 35to compose, beside the immortal couch of Melia, a noble song with the pipe and by the skills of my mind in your honor. I entreat you, Far-Shooting god, as I dedicate to the Muses’ arts 40your oracle66 . . .

in which Melia, daughter of Oceanus,Ant. 2 having shared your bed, Pythian god, bore mighty Tenerus, chosen prophet of oracles.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.pindar-fragments.1997