29—35 | Hymn. 1


29 Ps. -Lucian. encom. Demosth. 19 (3.371 Jacobitz) ὥσπερ οὖν ὁ Πίνδαρος ἐπὶ πολλὰ τῷ νῷ τραπόμενος οὕτως πως ἠπόρηκεν·

Α΄ Ἰσμηνὸν ἢ χρυσαλάκατον Μελίαν ἢ Κάδμον ἢ Σπαρτῶν ἱερὸν γένος ἀνδρῶν ἢ τὰν κυανάμπυκα Θήβαν ἢ τὸ πάντολμον σθένος Ἡρακλέος 5ἢ τὰν Διωνύσου πολυγαθέα τιμὰν ἢ γάμον λευκωλένου Ἁρμονίας ὑμνήσομεν;




29–35 Hymn 1

For The Thebans in Honor of Zeus(?)

This hymn, which opened Pindar’s book of hymns, consists of portions pieced together from many sources. Its subjects included an opening catalog of famous Thebans, the marriage of Cadmus and Harmonia, and the unions of Zeus that produced the Horae, Artemis and Apollo, and Athena. For an overview, see B. Snell, “Pindar’s Hymn to Zeus,” in The Discovery of the Mind, tr. T. G. Rosenmeyer (Harvard 1953).

29 Ps.-Lucian, In Praise of Demosthenes. “After Pindar turned his mind to many topics, he expressed his perplexity thus”:

Shall it be Ismenus, or Melia of the golden spindle, or Cadmus, or the holy race of the Spartoi, or Thebe of the dark-blue fillet, or the all-daring strength of Heracles, 5or the wondrous honor of Dionysus, or the marriage of white-armed Harmonia that we shall hymn?

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.pindar-fragments.1997