Genesis, Book II

who is a great sinner should be compared witha him as the chief head and fount,b as when they say, “like Nimrod.” Thus the name is a clear indication of the thing (signified), for it is to be translated as “Ethiopian,”c and his skilld is that of the hunter. Both of these are to be condemned and reprehended, the Ethiopian because pure evil has no participation in light,e but follows night and darkness, while hunting is as far removed as possible from the rational nature.f But he who is among beasts seeks to equal the bestial habits of animals through evil passions.


Genesis, Book III

Book III

1. (Gen. xv. 7) What is the meaning of the words, “I am the Lord Goda who led thee out of the land of the Chaldaeansb to give thee this land to inherit”?

The literal meaningc is clear. That which must be rendered as the deeper meaningd is as follows. The “land of the Chaldaeans” is symbolically mathematical theory,e of which astronomyf is part. And in this (field) the Chaldaeans labour not unsuccessfully or slothfully. Thus He honours the wise man with two gifts. For one thing He takes him awayg from Chaldaean doctrine,h which in addition to being difficult to seize and grasp, is the cause of great evils and impiety in attributing to that which is created the powers of the Creator, and persuades men to honour and worship the works of the world instead of the

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