his, precor, atque aliis possint tua numina flecti, o pater, o patriae cura salusque tuae! 575non ut in Ausoniam redeam, nisi forsitan olim, cum longo poenae tempore victus eris; tutius exilium pauloque quietius oro, ut par delicto sit mea poena suo.


Tristia, II

May this, I pray, and other things have power to bend thy will, O father, O protector and salvation of thy native land: not that I may return to Ausonia, unless perchance some day thou shalt be overborne by the length of my punishment; I only beg a safer, a more peaceful place of exile, slight though the change be, that the punishment may match my wrongdoing.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.ovid-tristia.1924