Ovid, Metamorphoses

LCL 43: 240-241

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mercibus inserui, neque adhuc proiecerat heros virgineos habitus, cum parmam hastamque tenenti ‘nate dea,’ dixi ‘tibi se peritura reservant Pergama! quid dubitas ingentem evertere Troiam?’ 170iniecique manum fortemque ad fortia misi. ergo opera illius mea sunt: ego Telephon hasta pugnantem domui, victum orantemque refeci; quod Thebae cecidere, meum est; me credite Lesbon, me Tenedon Chrysenque et Cillan, Apollinis urbes, 175et Scyrum cepisse; mea concussa putate procubuisse solo Lyrnesia moenia dextra, utque alios taceam, qui saevum perdere posset Hectora, nempe dedi: per me iacet inclitus Hector! illis haec armis, quibus est inventus Achilles, 180arma peto: vivo dederam, post fata reposco. “Ut dolor unius Danaos pervenit ad omnes, Aulidaque Euboicam conplerunt mille carinae, exspectata diu, nulla aut contraria classi flamina erant, duraeque iubent Agamemnona sortes 185inmeritam saevae natam mactare Dianae. denegat hoc genitor divisque irascitur ipsis atque in rege tamen pater est, ego mite parentis ingenium verbis ad publica commoda verti: hanc equidem (fateor, fassoque ignoscat Atrides) 190difficilem tenui sub iniquo iudice causam. hunc tamen utilitas populi fraterque datique summa movet sceptri, laudem ut cum sanguine penset; mittor et ad matrem, quae non hortanda, sed astu


Metamorphoses Book XIII

arms such as would attract a man. The hero still wore girl’s clothing when, as he laid hands on shield and spear, I said to him: ‘O son of Thetis, Pergama, doomed to perish, is keeping herself for you! Why do you delay the fall of mighty Troy?’ And I laid my hand on him and sent the brave fellow forth to do brave deeds. So then, all that he did is mine. ’Twas I who conquered the warring Telephus with my spear and healed him, vanquished and begging aid. That Thebes fell is my deed; credit Lesbos to me, to me Tenedos, Chryse and Cilla, cities of Apollo, and Scyrus too. Consider that by my hand the walls of Lyrnesus were battered to the ground. And, not to mention others, ’twas I, indeed, who gave the man who could destroy the warlike Hector. Through me illustrious Hector lies low! These arms I seek in return for those by which Achilles was discovered. Arms I gave the living; after his death I ask them back.

“When the sorrow of one man came to all the Greeks, and a thousand ships were gathered at Euboean Aulis, there were no winds, though they waited for them long, or they blew contrary to the fleet. Then a cruel oracle bade Agamemnon sacrifice his innocent daughter to pitiless Diana. This the father refused to do and was angry at the gods themselves, having a father’s feelings though he was a king. It was I that turned the kind father-heart to a consideration of the public weal; I indeed (I confess it, and may Atrides pardon as I confess) had a difficult cause to plead, and that, too, before a partial judge; still the people’s good, his brother, and the chief place of command assigned to him, all moved upon him to balance praise with blood. Then I was sent to the mother, who was not to be exhorted,

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.ovid-metamorphoses.1916