75non fugis, Alcide, victricem mille laborum rasilibus calathis inposuisse manum, crassaque robusto deducis pollice fila, aequaque famosae pensa rependis erae? a, quotiens digitis dum torques stamina duris, 80praevalidae fusos conminuere manus! ante pedes dominae1 . . . . 84factaque narrabas dissimulanda tibi— 85scilicet inmanes elisis faucibus hydros infantem caudis involuisse manum, ut Tegeaeus aper cupressifero Erymantho incubet et vasto pondere laedat humum. non tibi Threiciis adfixa penatibus ora, 90non hominum pingues caede tacentur equae; prodigiumque triplex, armenti dives Hiberi Geryones, quamvis in tribus unus erat; inque canes totidem trunco digestus ab uno Cerberos inplicitis angue minante comis; 95quaeque redundabat fecundo vulnere serpens fertilis et damnis dives ab ipsa suis; quique inter laevumque latus laevumque lacertum praegrave conpressa fauce pependit onus; et male confisum pedibus formaque bimembri 100pulsum Thessalicis agmen equestre iugis. Haec tu Sidonio potes insignitus amictu dicere? non cultu lingua retenta silet? se quoque nympha tuis ornavit Iardanis armis et tulit a capto nota tropaea viro.

crederis infelix scuticae tremefactus habenis ante pedes dominae pertimuisse minas . . . eximias pompas, inmania semina laudum.



from laying to the polished wool-basket the hand that triumphed over a thousand toils; do you draw off with stalwart thumb the coarsely spun strands, and give back to the hand of an ill-famed mistress the just portion she weighed out? Ah, how often, while with dour finger you twisted the thread, have your too strong hands crushed the spindle! Before your mistress’ feet you lay and told of the deeds of which you should now say naught—of enormous serpents, throttled and coiling their lengths about your infant hand; how the Tegeaean boar has his lair on cypress-bearing Erymanthus, and afflicts the ground with his vast weight. You do not omit the skulls nailed up in Thracian homes, nor the mares made fat with the flesh of slain men; nor the triple prodigy, Geryones, rich in Iberian cattle, who was one in three; nor Cerberus, branching from one trunk into a three-fold dog, his hair inwoven with the threatening snake; nor the fertile serpent that sprang forth again from the fruitful wound, grown rich from her own hurt; nor him whose mass hung heavy between your left side and left arm as your hand clutched his throat; nor the equestrian array that put ill trust in their feet and dual form, confounded by you on the ridges of Thessaly.


These deeds can you recount, gaily arrayed in a Sidonian gown? Does not your dress rob from your tongue all utterance? The nymph-daughter of Iardanusa has even tricked herself out in your arms, and won famous triumphs from the vanquished

  • aOmphale.
DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.ovid-heroides.1914