Oppian, Halieutica, or Fishing

LCL 219: 458-459

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Ἔνθεν ἔπειτ᾿ ἀΐων τεκμαίρεο, κοίρανε γαίης, ὡς οὐδὲν μερόπεσσιν ἀμήχανον, οὐκ ἐνὶ γαίῃ μητρὶ καμεῖν, οὐ κόλπον ἀν᾿ εὐρώεντα θαλάσσης· ἀλλά τις ἀτρεκέως ἰκέλην μακάρεσσι γενέθλην ἀνθρώπους ἀνέφυσε, χερείονα δ᾿ ὤπασεν ἀλκήν, 5εἴτ᾿ οὖν Ἰαπετοῖο γένος, πολυμῆτα Προμηθεύς, ἀντωπὸν μακάρεσσι κάμεν γένος, ὕδατι γαῖαν ξυνώσας, κραδίην δὲ θεῶν ἔχρισεν ἀλοιφῇ, εἴτ᾿ ἄρα καὶ λύθροιο θεορρύτου ἐκγενόμεσθα Τιτήνων· οὐ γάρ τι πέλει καθυπέρτερον ἀνδρῶν 10νόσφι θεῶν· μούνοισι δ᾿ ὑπείξομεν ἀθανάτοισιν. ὅσσους μὲν κατ᾿ ὄρεσφι βίην ἄτρεστον ἔχοντας θῆρας ὑπερφιάλους βροτὸς ἔσβεσεν· ὅσσα δὲ φῦλα οἰωνῶν νεφέλῃσι καὶ ἠέρι δινεύοντα εἷλε, χαμαίζηλόν περ ἔχων δέμας· οὐδὲ λέοντα 15ῥύσατ᾿ ἀγηνορίη δμηθήμεναι, οὐδ᾿ ἐσάωσεν


Halieutica, V.

Halieutica, or Fishing V

Next hear and mark, O lord of earth, that there is nothing impossible for men to do, either on mother earth or in the vasty gulf of the sea, but of a truth someone created men to be a race like unto the blessed gods, albeit he gave them inferior strength:a whether it was the son of Iapetus, Prometheusb of many devices, who made man in the likeness of the blessed ones, mingling earth with water, and anointed his heart with the anointing of the gods; or whether we are born of the blood divine that flowed from the Titans;c for there is nothing more excellent than men, apart from the gods: only to the immortals shall we give place. How many monster wild beasts of dauntless might doth man quench upon the mountains, how many tribes of birds that wheel in cloud and air doth he take captive,d though he be of lowly stature! His valour prevents not the Lion from defeat, nor doth the windswift sweep of his

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.oppian-halieutica_fishing.1928