Oppian, Halieutica, or Fishing

LCL 219: 344-345

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Νῦν δ᾿ ἄγε μοι, σκηπτοῦχε, παναίολα δήνεα τέχνης ἰχθυβόλου φράζοιο καὶ ἀγρευτῆρας ἀέθλους, θεσμόν τ᾿ εἰνάλιον ξυμβάλλεο, τέρπεο δ᾿ οἴμῃ ἡμετέρῃ· σοῖς μὲν γὰρ ὑπὸ σκήπτροισι θάλασσα 5εἰλεῖται καὶ φῦλα Ποσειδάωνος ἐναύλων, ἔργα δέ τοι ξύμπαντα μετ᾿ ἀνδράσι πορσύνονται, σοὶ δ᾿ ἐμὲ τερπωλήν τε καὶ ὑμνητῆρ᾿ ἀνέηκαν δαίμονες ἐν Κιλίκεσσιν ὑφ᾿ Ἑρμαίοις ἀδύτοισι. Ἑρμεία, σὺ δέ μοι πατρώϊε, φέρτατε παίδων 10Αἰγιόχου, κέρδιστον ἐν ἀθανάτοισι νόημα, φαῖνέ τε καὶ σήμαινε καὶ ἄρχεο, νύσσαν ἀοιδῆς ἰθύνων· βουλὰς δὲ περισσονόων ἁλιήων αὐτός, ἄναξ, πρώτιστος ἐμήσαο καὶ τέλος ἄγρης παντοίης ἀνέφηνας, ἐπ᾿ ἰχθύσι κῆρας ὑφαίνων. 15Πανὶ δὲ Κωρυκίῳ βυθίην παρακάτθεο τέχνην, παιδὶ τεῷ, τὸν φασὶ Διὸς ῥυτῆρα γενέσθαι,


Halieutica, III

Halieutica, or Fishing III

Come now, O Wielder of the Sceptre, mark thou the cunning devices of the fisher’s art and his adventures in the hunting of his prey, and learn the law of the sea and take delight in my lay. For under thy sceptre rolls the sea and the tribes of the haunts of Poseidon, and for thee are all deeds done among men. For thee the gods have raised me up to be thy joy and thy minstrel among the Cilicians beside the shrine of Hermes. And, O Hermes,a god of my fathers,b most excellent of the children of the Aegis-bearer, subtlest mindc among the deathless gods, do thou enlighten and guide and lead, directing me to the goal of my song. The counsels of fishermen excellent in wit thou didst thyself, O Lord, first devise and didst reveal the sum of all manner of hunting, weaving doom for fishes. And thou didst deliver the art of the deep for keeping to Pan of Corycus,d thy son,e who, they say, was the saviour

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.oppian-halieutica_fishing.1928