Oppian, Cynegetica, or The Chase

LCL 219: 112-113

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Ἀλλ᾿ ὅτε δὴ κεραῶν ἠείσαμεν ἔθνεα θηρῶν, ταύρους ἠδ᾿ ἐλάφους ἠδ᾿ εὐρυκέρωτας ἀγαυοὺς καὶ δόρκους ὄρυγάς τε καὶ αἰγλήεντας ἰορκοὺς ἄλλα θ᾿ ὅσοισιν ὕπερθε καρήατα τευχήεντα, 5νῦν ἄγε καρχαρόδοντα, θεά, φράζωμεν ὅμιλον σαρκοφάγων θηρῶν καὶ χαυλιόδοντα γένεθλα.

Πρωτίστην δὲ λέοντι κλυτὴν ἀναθώμεθα μολπήν. Ζηνὸς ἔσαν θρεπτῆρες ὑπερμενέος Κρονίδαο νηπιάχου Κουρῆτες, ὅτ᾿ ἀρτίγονόν μιν ἐόντα 10ἀραμένη γενετῆρος ἀμειλίκτοιο Κρόνοιο κλεψιτόκος Ῥείη κόλποις ἐνικάτθετο Κρήτης. Οὐρανίδης δ᾿ ἐσιδὼν κρατερὸν νεοθηλέα παῖδα πρώτους ἀμφήλλαξε Διὸς ῥυτῆρας ἀγαυοὺς καὶ θῆρας ποίησεν ἀμειψάμενος Κουρῆτας.


Cynegtica, III

Cynegetica, or The Chase III

But now that we have sung the tribes of horned wild beasts, Bulls and Stags and splendid Broad-horns and Gazelles, of the Oryx and beautiful Iorcus and others whose heads are armed above, come now, O goddess, let us tell of the saw-tootheda company of flesh-eatingb beasts and the tusked races.

First of all to the Lion let us dedicate the glorious lay. The Curetes were the nurses of the infant Zeus, the mighty son of Cronus, what time Rhea concealed his birth and carried away the newly-born child from Cronus, his sire implacable, and placed him in the vales of Crete. And when the sonc of Uranus beheld the lusty young child he transformed the first glorious guardians of Zeus and in vengeance made the Curetes wild beasts. And since by the

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.oppian-cynegetica_chase.1928