Oeniades, Fragment

LCL 144: 208-209

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840 Didymus in [Demosth.] 11. 22, col. 12. 43ss. B.K.T. i 59s. (p. 45s. Pearson-Stephens)

περὶ μ(ὲν) γ(ὰρ) τὴν Μεθώνης πολιορκίαν τὸν δεξιὸν ὀφθαλμ[ὸ]ν ἐξεκόπη (sc. ὁ Φίλιππος). . . . τὰ μ(ὲν) γ(ὰρ) περὶ τῶν τ(ῶν) ὁμολογεῖται κ(αὶ) παρὰ Μαρσύαι (F.Gr.H. 135/6 F17), διότι συντελοῦντι μουσικοὺς ἀγῶνας αὐτῶι μικρὸν ἐπάνω τῆς συμφορ(ᾶς) κ(ατὰ) δαίμονα συνέβη τὸν Κύκλωπα πάντας αὐλῆσαι, Ἀντιγενείδην μ(ὲν) τὸν Φιλοξένου, Χρυσόγονον δ(ὲ) τὸν [Στ]ησιχόρου, Τιμόθεον δ(ὲ) τὸν Οἰνιάδου (Οἰνιάδην . . . τὸν Τιμοθέου ci. Foucart).



840 Didymus on ‘Demosthenes’, Answer to Philip’s Letter

At the siege of Methone1 Philip lost his right eye. . . . The story2 about the pipers is told in the same terms by Marsyas3: when Philip was holding musical competitions shortly before his accident it happened by a strange coincidence that all the pipers performed the Cyclops, Antigenides that of Philoxenus,4 Chrysogonus that of Stesichorus,5 Timotheus that of Oeniades.6

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.oeniades-fragment.1993