Nonnos, Dionysiaca

LCL 354: 90-91

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Ἐννεακαιδεκάτῳ Σταφύλου περὶ τύμβον ἐγείρει Βάκχος ἐπὶ κρητῆρι θυώδεϊ τερπνὸν ἀγῶνα.

Ὣς φαμένου βαρὺ κέντρον ἔχων νεοπενθέι θυμῷ κοῦρος ἀφωνήτῳ σφρηγίσσατο χείλεα σιγῇ, δάκρυσιν αὐτοχύτοις νικώμενος· ὀψὲ δὲ μήτηρ οἰκτρὸν ἔπος κατέλεξε Μέθη χαίρουσα Λυαίῳ·

5“Ὑμετέρης ἄγρυπνον ὀπιπευτῆρα χορείης, σὸν Στάφυλον, Διόνυσε, κατεύνασε χάλκεος ὕπνος, σὸν Στάφυλον, Διόνυσε, Χαρωνίδες ἥρπασαν αὖραι. δισσὸν ἐμοὶ βαρὺ πένθος ἐπέχραεν· ἀμπελόεις μὲν Βάκχος ἐμὲ προλέλοιπε, πόσις δ᾿ ἐμὸς ἔμπεσε νούσῳ· 10καὶ ξυνὴν μεθέπεσκον ἐπ᾿ ἀμφοτέροισιν ἀνίην, καὶ Σταφύλῳ θνήσκοντι καὶ οὐ παρεόντι Λυαίῳ. ἀλλὰ τεῆς, φίλε Βάκχε, πολυρραθάμιγγος ὀπώρης δός μοι σεῖο κύπελλον ἐνίπλεον, ὄφρα πιοῦσα εὐνήσω βαρὺ πένθος ἀπενθήτῳ σέθεν οἴνῳ. 15ἐλπὶς ἐμοί, Διόνυσε φιλεύιε, μοῦνον ὀπώρην, μοῦνον ἴδω κρητῆρα, καὶ οὐκέτι δάκρυα λείβω.”

Ὣς φαμένην ἐλέαιρε, κερασσάμενος δὲ κυπέλλῳ ἰκμάδα λυσιμέριμνον ἀλεξικάκου πόρεν οἴνου


Dionysiaca, XIX

Book XIX

In the nineteenth, Bacchos sets up a delightful contest over the fragrant bowl about the tomb of Staphylos.

He spoke; and the lad sealed his lips with unvoiced silence, his mind heavy with the pangs of new mourning, and gave way to a helpless flow of tears. At last Methe his mother spoke a piteous word of greeting to Lyaios:

5“Staphylos your friend, Dionysos, the sleepless watcher of your dances, has sunk in the brazen sleepa: Staphylos your friend, Dionysos, Charon’s winds have carried away. A double burden of sorrow fell on me: Bacchos of the vine deserted me, my husband fell into sickness, and I cherished one common pain for both, Staphylos dying and Lyaios far away. But give me, dear Bacchos, give me your cup full of your bubbling vintage; that I may drink, and lull my heavy sorrow with your sorrowconsoling wine! O Dionysos, my only hope, with your jubilant cry! Let me only see the vintage, let me see the bowl, and I shed tears no more!”

17He heard her words with pity; he mixed, and in a cup gave the young man and the downcast

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.nonnos-dionysiaca.1940