Nonnos, Dionysiaca

LCL 354: 172-173

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Δεύτερον εἰκοστὸν Βρομίου μόθον ἔργά τε μέλπει, Αἰακὸς ὅσσα τέλεσσε καὶ ἐν πεδίῳ καὶ Ὑδάσπῃ.

Ἀλλ᾿ ὅτε δὴ πόρον ἷξον ἐυκροκάλου ποταμοῖο Βάκχου πεζὸς ὅμιλος, ὅπῃ βαθυδίνεϊ κόλπῳ πλωτὸν ὕδωρ, ἅτε Νεῖλος, ἐρεύγεται Ἰνδὸς Ὑδάσπης, 4δὴ τότε Βασσαρίδων ἐμελίζετο θῆλυς ἀοιδὴ 6Νυκτελίῳ Φρύγα κῶμον ἀνακρούουσα Λυαίῳ, 5καὶ λασίων Σατύρων χορὸς ἔβρεμε μύστιδι φωνῇ· 7γαῖα δὲ πᾶσα γέλασσεν, ἐμυκήσαντο δὲ πέτραι, Νηιάδες δ᾿ ὀλόλυξαν, ὑπὲρ ποταμοῖο δὲ Νύμφαι σιγαλέοις ἑλικηδὸν ἐμιτρώσαντο ῥεέθροις 10καὶ Σικελῆς ἐλίγαινον ὁμόζυγα ῥυθμὸν ἀοιδῆς, οἷον ἀνεκρούοντο μελιγλώσσων ἀπὸ λαιμῶν ὑμνοπόλοι Σειρῆνες· ὅλη δ᾿ ἐλελίζετο λόχμη, καὶ μέλος ἐφθέγξαντο σοφαὶ δρύες εἴκελον αὐλῷ, Ἁδρυάδες δ᾿ ἀλάλαζον, ἐπ᾿ εὐπετάλοιο δὲ Νύμφη 15ἡμιφανὴς ἤειδεν ὑπερκύψασα κορύμβου.

Χιονέῳ δὲ γάλακτι χυτὴ λευκαίνετο πηγή, ὑδρηλή περ ἐοῦσα, χαραδραίῳ δ᾿ ἐνὶ κόλπῳ


Dionysiaca, XXII


The twenty-second celebrates the battle and feats of Bromios, all the deeds of Aiacos both on the plain and in the Hydaspes.

When the footforces of Bacchos came to the crossing of the pebbly river, where, like the Nile, Indian Hydaspes pours his navigable water into a deep-eddying hollow, then sounded the womanish song of the Bassarids, making Phrygian festival for Lyaios of the Night, and the hairy company of Satyrs rang out with mystic voice. All the earth laughed, the rocks bellowed, the Naiads sang alleluia, the Nymphs circled in mazes over the silent streams of the river, and sang a melody of Sicilian tune, like the hymns which the minstrel Sirensa pour from their honeytongued throats. All the woodlands rang thereat: the trees found skill to make music like the hoboy, the Hadryades cried aloud, the Nymph sang, peeping up halfseen over her leafy cluster.

16The fountain, though but water, turned white and poured a stream of snowy milkb; in the hollow

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.nonnos-dionysiaca.1940