Nonnos, Dionysiaca

LCL 354: 146-147

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Εἰκοστὸν πρώτιστον ἔχει χόλον ἐννοσιγαίου καὶ μόθον Ἀμβροσίης ῥηξήνορα καὶ λόχον Ἰνδῶν.

Οὐδὲ Δρυαντιάδης προτέρης ἐπελήσατο χάρμης· ἀλλὰ λαβὼν βουπλῆγα τὸ δεύτερον ἔνδοθι λόχμης . . . ἔθνεα Βασσαρίδων διζήμενος. Ἀμβροσίῃ δὲ δῶκε μένος καὶ θάρσος ἀρειμανὲς οὐράνιος Ζεύς, 5ἣ τότε βακχευθεῖσα κατάσχετος οἴδματι λύσσης μάρμαρον ἠέρταζε, καταιχμάζουσα Λυκούργου, καὶ βριαρὴν τρυφάλειαν ἀπεστυφέλιξε κομάων. αὐτὰρ ὁ θαρσήεις ἐπεμάρνατο μείζονι πέτρῳ τρηχαλέῳ, καὶ στέρνα βοώπιδος ἤλασε Νύμφης· 10οὐδέ μιν ἐπρήνιξε, χόλῳ δ᾿ ἀνενείκατο φωνήν·

“Ἆρες, ἄναξ πολέμοιο, πάτερ κρατεροῖο Λυκούργου, αἰδόμενος σκοπίαζε τεὸν γόνον ἀντὶ Λυαίου οὐτιδανὴν ἀσίδηρον ὀιστεύοντα γυναῖκα. πόντος ἐμὸν βουπλῆγα βιάζεται· ἐν ῥοθίοις γὰρ 15κρύπτετο μὲν Διόνυσος, ἐγὼ δ᾿ ἄπρηκτος ὁδεύων ἵξομαι εἰς ἐμὸν ἄστυ, πόνον δ᾿ ἀτέλεστον ἀνήσω.”

Ἔννεπεν· Ἀμβροσίην δὲ μέσην γυιαλκέι δεσμῷ χειρὶ λαβὼν ἐπίεζε· καὶ ἤθελε δεσμὰ καθάψαι, οἷα δορικτήτην μετανάστιον εἰς δόμον ἕλκων,


Dionysiaca, XXI

Book XXI

The twenty-first contains Earthshaker’s wrath, and the man-breaking battle of Ambrosia, and the Indian ambush.

Nor did Dryas’ son forget the first combat. He seized the poleaxe, and a second time went in search of the troops of Bassarids in the forest. But heavenly Zeus gave courage and warlike boldness to Ambrosia, and then possessed of a wave of wild madness she raised a stone and hurled it at Lycurgos, knocking off the ponderous helmet from his locks. But he boldly attacked with a larger stone all jagged, and drove at the chest of the soft-eyed nymph. He did not overthrow her however, and he cried out in rage—

11“Ares, lord of war, father of strong Lycurgos! Can you see without shame your son attacking a weak unarmed woman, instead of Lyaios? The sea is too strong for my poleaxe, for Dionysos was hidden in the waves; I have had my journey in vain, and I will return to my own city, and leave my task unfinished.”

17He spoke, and seizing Ambrosia round the waist he held her fast in his limb-compressing hands; he wished to throw her into bonds and to drag her to his

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.nonnos-dionysiaca.1940