Nonnos, Dionysiaca

LCL 354: 116-117

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Εἰκοστὸν μεθέπει φονίου βουπλῆγα Λυκούργου, εἰς βυθὸν ἰχθυόεντα διωκομένου Διονύσου.

Λῦτο δ᾿ ἀγών· Σάτυροι δὲ σὺν εὐθύρσῳ Διονύσῳ Βότρυος ἀφνειοῖσιν ἐναυλίζοντο μελάθροις. τοῖσι δὲ δαινυμένοις ἐπεκώμασαν οἰνάδες Ὧραι· καὶ κτύπος ἦν τυπάνων ἐπιδόρπιος, ὀξὺ δὲ σύριγξ 5ἀμφιλαφὴς ἐλίγαινεν, ἀρυόμενοι δὲ κυπέλλοις οἰνοχόοι μογέεσκον ἀλωφήτῳ παρὰ δείπνῳ· καὶ πλέον αἰτίζεσκον ὀπάονας οἶνον ἀφύσσειν δαιτυμόνες σαίνοντες· ἀνεσκίρτησε δὲ Βάκχη κύμβαλα δινεύουσα, φιλοσκάρθμοιο δὲ κούρης 10ἄπλοκος ἀκρήδεμνος ἐσείετο βόστρυχος αὔραις.

Καὶ θεὸς ἀμπελόεις, καλέσας Σταφύλοιο γυναῖκα, αὐχμὸν ἀποσμήξας ἐπεκόσμεεν οἴνοπι πέπλῳ· καὶ Πίθον εὐρυγένειον ὅλον ῥυπόωντα καθήρας ἀργεννῷ παλίνορσος ἀνεχλαίνωσε χιτῶνι, 15ῥίψας πένθιμα πέπλα χυτῇ πεπαλαγμένα τέφρῃ· οὐκέτι δ᾿ αὐτοχύτοισι παρήια δάκρυσι δεύων Βότρυς ἀνεστενάχιζε, Διωνύσῳ δὲ πιθήσας φωριαμοὺς ὤιξε θυώδεας· οἰγομένων δὲ μαρμαρυγὴ σελάγιζε πολυγλήνων ἀπὸ πέπλων· 20κεῖθεν ἑλὼν Σταφύλου βασιλήια φαιδρὰ τοκῆος


Dionysiaca, XX

Book XX

The twentieth deals with the pole-axe of bloodthirsty Lycurgos, when Dionysos is chased into the fishy deep.

The Games were over; the Satyrs with Dionysos of the thyrsus spent the night in the opulent halls of Botrys. The Seasons of the vintage joined in the banqueters’ revels: there was banging of drums at that supper, the panspipes filled the place with their shrill tones; the servers were busy ladling wine into the cups at the unresting feast, and the banqueters ever kept coaxing the servants to draw more wine. The Bacchant leapt high, waving her cymbals, while the hair of the dancing girl shook in the breezes without ribbon and without veil.

11The vinegod called the wife of Staphylos, wiped away the dirt and adorned her with a wine-coloured robe. He cleansed broad beard Pithos from the dirt which covered him, and threw away the mourning clothes soiled with smears of ashes, then dressed him again in a gleaming-white frock. Botrys lamented no longer or wetted his cheeks with helpless welling tears, but at Bacchos’s bidding opened his scented coffers; as they opened, sparkling gleams came from robes covered with gems. From these he took out and donned the brilliant royal garb of Staphylos his

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.nonnos-dionysiaca.1940