Nemesianus, Cynegetica

LCL 434: 484-485

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Minor Latin Poets


Venandi cano mille vias; hilaresque labores discursusque citos, securi proelia ruris, pandimus. Aonio iam nunc mihi pectus ab oestro aestuat: ingentes Helicon iubet ire per agros, 5Castaliusque mihi nova pocula fontis alumno ingerit et late campos metatus apertos imponitque iugum vati retinetque corymbis implicitum ducitque per avia, qua sola numquam

  • 5alumnus Ulitius, Baehrens.


The Chase

The thousand phases of the chase I sing; its merry tasks do we reveal, its quick dashes to and fro—the battles of the quiet country-side. Already my heart is tide-swept by the frenzy the Muses c send: Helicon bids me fare through widespread lands, and the God of Castaly presses on me, his foster-child, fresh draughts from the fount of inspiration: and, after far roaming in the open plains, sets his yoke upon the bard, holding him entangled with ivy-cluster, and guides him o’er wilds remote, where never

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.nemesianus-cynegetica.1934