Bellum Poenicum Sive Carmen Belli Poenici

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Liber I


Caesius Bassus (Atil. Fortunat.), ap. G.L., VI, 265, 10: Nostri antiqui, ut vere dicam, quod apparet, usi sunt eo non observata lege nec uno genere custodito . . . apud Naevium . . . hos repperi idoneos . . . (266, 3)—

Novem Iovis concordes filiae sorores,

Cp. Mar. Vict., ap. VI, 139,10, 29; Ter. Maur., ap. 400, 2514.

Gellius, XVII, 21, 45: M. Varro . . . stipendia fecisse ait (Naevium) bello Poenico primo, idque ipsum Naevium dicere in eo Carmine quod de eodem bello scripsit.


The Punic War

The Punic War or the Song of the Punic War

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Book I

The Sack of Troy; the escape of Aeneas to Italy; the foundation of Rome by Romulus?


Prologue. First a line of the poem; invocation of the Muses:

Caesius Bassus: As seems clear, truth to tell, our archaic poets used this Saturnian metre without observing a fixed aw or maintaining a single type. . . . In passages of Naevius . . . I have found the following to be suitable (as examples)—

You daughters nine of Jupiter, sisters of one heart, b

Naevius himself took part in the first Punic War:

Gellius: Naevius, according to a statement of Marcus Varro. . . served as a soldier in the first Punic War and asserts that very fact himself in the Song which he wrote on that war.

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.naevius-punic_war_song_punic_war.1936