Fabula Incerta 8

Fabula Incerta 8



The extant passages and fragments come from mummy cartonnage made apparently from one long roll of papyrus, which may have contained the text of just one play, transcribed in the third century b.c.1 The scribe normally used paragraphi and dicola to indicate changes of speaker, but his practice appears to have been erratic; these signs are often omitted, and occasionally (vv. 5, 50 Arnott = 122 Kassel–Austin, 53 Ar = 125 K-A) dicola are replaced by spaces left between letters. The papyrus roll was eventually separated into at least three parts, first published as follows:

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.menander_comic_poet-unidentified_excluded_papyri_fabula_incerta_8.2000