Fabula Incerta 5

Fabula Incerta 5



H = P.Hamburg 656 (= fr. 951 in the second edition, Leipzig 1959, of the Körte–Thierfelder edition of Menander, II pp. 272–78), a papyrus of unknown Egyptian provenance written in the first half of the third century b.c., and thus one of the oldest Greek dramatic papyri known. It contains the remains of 42 trimeters (21 severely, 9 moderately and 12 only slightly mutilated). First edition: B. Snell (with the assistance of A. Thierfelder), Griechische Papyri der Hamburger Staats- und Universitäts-Bibliothek (Hamburg 1954) 20–27 with a photograph (pl. 2). It is now fr. com. adesp. 1089 in Kassel–Austin, PCG VIII.

This papyrus introduces the reader to four named characters: a young man Moschion (cf. elsewhere in Menander certainly Kith., Pk., Sam., Sik., Fab.Inc. 11), his slave Parmenon

DOI: 10.4159/DLCL.menander_comic_poet-unidentified_excluded_papyri_fabula_incerta_5.2000